Dec. 22, 2019

Dec. 22, 2019

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Q: What are they breaking ground to build on West Fourth Street a little north from and across from the cemetery?

A: A 12-lot residential subdivision known as Magnolia Hills is being developed in that area. The plat approved by the Waterloo City Council in July 2018 shows access to the lots will be from Westchester Road.

Q: Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson still alive? I heard he died.

A: If The Rock had died, it would have been big news. He’s very much alive.

Q: How do I change my party voting status?

A: You need to submit a new voter registration form. You can do this online through the Iowa Secretary of State’s website or you can download a voter registration form and return the paper copy to your county auditor’s office. You can also do this in person at your county auditor’s office.

Q: The blue garbage bins left in front of our house — the pick-up dates aren’t happening according to what the city sent. The voicemail box at the city is full. How can we find out a correct schedule?

A: It sounds like you are referring to the recycling bins and not garbage containers. You can call either (319) 291-4445 or (319) 291-4267. You also can look at the city’s website, which has a link for recycling. That link includes the recycling flier, which includes a service schedule letting you know if you are an A or B week. There also is a calendar letting you know what those dates are. If you are struggling to see boundary line there also is a link on the website for an interactive map you can type your address into it and zoom out just a little bit and it will tell you what week and date your pick up is.

Q: Does Waterloo have any kind of city code about people keeping garbage cans in their front yard?

A: They can’t be left in the right-of-way but they can be stored up by the house.

Q: Why doesn’t Waterloo have recycling for Styrofoam?

A: Waterloo Public Works Division Manager Randy Bennett said the cost for processing is considerably higher than the value of the material at this time.

Q: I want to take the chimney out of our house. Is there a law in Waterloo a house has to have a chimney?

A: Laws don’t require a chimney on a house. But building codes require a way to ventilate fireplaces or appliances that are potentially being used in a structure. You should contact the Waterloo Building Inspections Department to discuss the particular situation as it relates to building codes before removing a chimney.

Q: Is there any way to remove the fold line from rugs from the store or factory?

A: It can be hard to do. Some suggestions we found:

Try ironing it, first putting down a towel or ironing cloth to protect the

  • rug.
  • Apply

heat to the rug by using a hairdryer. Flip the rug over and hold the hair dryer about 6 to 9 inches away from the rug. Use a sweeping motion when drying

  • it.
  • Have

it steamed by a professional carpet

  • cleaner.

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