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Q: Recently I needed a taxi cab. When checking the Yellow Pages of our phone book only one company was listed. When you call 411 for more information on other taxi cabs you are charged $5 per call. How else can you find information if you don’t have a computer?

A. Why, by Calling the Courier, of course! Here are the taxi cab companies you may call in this area, according to publicly listed information: Anytime Taxi, 232-2127; A City Cab, 234-2587; Dolly's Taxi and Transport, 242-2011; First Call Taxi and Courier Service, 233-8294.

Q: If a juvenile arrested for a serious crime is already a convicted felon, why does the media still protect his name?

A: It isn’t a matter of the media protecting the name; it’s a matter of the media not having access to the name.

Q. I read where the Career Center at Central Middle School in Waterloo has students coming from all over the surrounding area. Do Waterloo students get first priority?

A. “We only have two programs at the Waterloo Career Center with a waiting list,” said Tara Thomas, Waterloo Community Schools spokeswoman. “Since a student could get through both of these programs in a three-semester sequence, we give priority to seniors first, Waterloo or non-Waterloo. But due to high demand, we are working on a waiting list protocol and procedure to ensure equity for all students while still ensuring Waterloo students will either have priority or the ability to get through their entire program sequence.”

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Q. Where did Gov. Reynolds get the stats in the recreational pot article (July 1 Courier) that the amount of psychotic episodes is growing and that drug-related deaths have surpassed fatalities caused by OWI drivers?

A. The psychotic episode information is from a March 19 National Public Radio story that cited a study in the British journal Lancet. You can find it at https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/03/19/704948217/daily-marijuana-use-and-highly-potent-weed-linked-to-psychosis. The crash statistic is from a 2016 Governor’s Highway Safety Administration & 2018 Iowa Department of Transportation report. You can find that data at https://www.ghsa.org/resources/DUID18.

Q: Has Trump ever specifically stated what his goal is with trade with China?

A: According to a June 6 article in Politico, for years China has copied U.S. technology by requiring joint ventures, forcing the sharing of intellectual property and other times by outright theft. The goal is to leapfrog from China's past status as a developing nation to become a leader in emerging technologies such as 5G and the next-generation internet, artificial intelligence and renewable energy. The end of these forced technological transfers is the Trump administration's aim. If America fails to do so and it could become “number two in technology,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told a congressional hearing in February.

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