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Q: How much money can I give a relative this year before they have to pay taxes?

A: According to the IRS, the annual gift exclusion for 2019 is $15,000.

Q: What is the address and telephone number for the attorney general’s consumer department?

A: Call (888) 777-4590 or write to Office of the Attorney General of Iowa, Consumer Protection, Hoover State Office Building, 1305 E. Walnut St., Des Moines 50319-0106.

Q: Is it true Donald Trump’s mother was born in Scotland and all but one of his children have mothers from other countries?

A: That is all true.

Q: Why is University of Iowa Credit Union changing its name to GreenState Credit Union?

A: According to the credit union: “In 2018, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the state’s budget bill into law.

With it carried an amendment stating that credit unions shall not include the name of any public university located in the state in its name.

This required University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) to change its name in 2019.”

Q: Is Google owned by Fox TV?

A: No, it’s not.

Q: How much does a passport cost to Australia?

A: For first-time adult applicants, the cost is $145 — a $110 application fee and a $35 execution fee. To renew an adult passport, the cost is $110.

Q: Is it legal for distributors or consultants to sell CBD oil as a direct sales company?

A: It’s pretty much legal for anyone to sell CBD oil, since the federal government added a provision to the 2018 farm bill that classified hemp-derived products — like CBD oil — as legal to possess as long as they contain no more than 0.3% THC, the chemical compound in marijuana that gets a user high.

However, state laws haven’t quite caught up with the new federal law, and local law enforcement around Iowa have raided places that sell CBD oil, including in Clermont, Muscatine and Carroll. “Iowa law still holds any derivatives from the cannabis sativa plant as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance,” the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office told the Des Moines Register in March, after searching T’s Brick City Spa in Clermont.

Q: How are the triplet cows doing on the Hansen’s Dairy farm in Hudson?

A: According to Hansen’s Dairy herd manager Blake Hansen, triplets Livalot, Lafalot and Luvalot are doing great. They are about 9 weeks old now (at the time this was answered) and have moved up to the “preschool” area of the farm where they are learning to live together with other heifers the same age and share food and water. Their mother, Legend, is also doing well, producing about 125 pounds of milk per day.

Q: In Saul Shapiro’s column in the July 14 paper he talks about Commonwealth Fund and identifies that the U.S. is fifth in quality of care. Can you list who one through four are?

A: The top four: 1) The United Kingdom; 2) Australia; 3) Switzerland; and 4) New Zealand.

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