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Q: My neighbor has two dead ash trees along our adjoining property line. If either falls and hits my house is my neighbor liable for the damages? Does Waterloo or Cedar Falls have an ordinance about removing dead trees?

A: Liability is decided by insurance companies and courts, not predetermined ahead of an incident. If you’ve notified your neighbor about concerns regarding the trees it improves your chances of your neighbor being liable should a tree fall on your house. Both cities have ordinances governing dangerous trees on private property. Contact the respective forestry operation with concerns.

Q: I see they are talking about replacing Gates Park pool with a spray park. How do you swim at a spray park?

A: You don’t swim at a spray park, but those facilities are very popular across the country as aquatic recreation for children. The city of Waterloo is considering plans to have just one pool based on cost factors and because the number of people swimming at municipal pools has declined over the years.

Q: How can Hoda Kotb be on maternity leave from NBC when she didn’t have a baby?

A: She has a new daughter. Parental leave after adoption is covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Parents still need time to take care of and get to know the new baby and help everyone in the family adjust.

Q: Who do we contact in the Cedar Valley if we suspect a co-worker is here illegally?

A: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has an online tip form at www.ice.gov/contact and also lists a phone number to report crimes at (866) 347-2423.

Q: How can I contact the horse racing commission in Kentucky?

A: Write to the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission at 4063 Iron Works Parkway, Building B, Lexington, KY 40511; call (859) 246-2040; or send email through the website at http://khrc.ky.gov.

Q: How old was Doris Day’s son who died? And what did he die of?

A: Her son, Terry Melcher, died in 2004, age 62, of malignant melanoma.

Q: Is Mollie B of the Mollie B Polka Show married and have a family?

A: She is married; as far as we can tell, they don’t have any children.

Q: Where can I recycle colored glass?

A: The drop-off recycling sites in Waterloo and Cedar Falls accept colored glass containers.

Q: How did Ansborough Avenue get its name?

A: The street was first mentioned in a May 1910 “First Addition to Galloway” subdivision plat, according to the Black Hawk County Recorder’s Office. (Early Courier articles sometimes used the spelling “Ainsborough.”) Although no one seems to know for sure why the name was chosen, the Waterloo Public Library reference staff have a suggestion: a search through newspapers from the earlier 20th century turns up an Ansborough Hotel in Ireland, apparently a grand place. The street was named as part of the Galloway Addition, by the Galloway-Gibson Co. William Galloway’s family was from Scotland, and A:E. Gibson’s parents were from Ireland. It seems possible they knew of the fancy hotel and took its name.

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