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Q: Has anyone ever explored the topic of combining the Waterloo-Cedar Falls school districts? I have to believe the Waterloo high schools are not at capacity. Why have double the administration when much larger cities like Des Moines have just one district?

A: Not in recent memory. The current school districts that include Waterloo and Cedar Falls are the result of mergers going back many decades. Any conversation along that line would likely take residents of both districts raising the idea with their boards of education.

Q: When are “When Calls the Heart” and “Good Witch” returning to Hallmark channel?

A: Hallmark has said, “When Calls the Heart” is on creative hiatus while they figure out how to handle the absence of Lori Loughlin in the wake of her arrest in the college admissions scandal. New episodes of “Good Witch” are supposed to start in May, according to the channel.

Q: On the “Wheel of Fortune,” what did Vanna do before she started on the show? Was she an actress or model?

A: Yes, she was an aspiring actress and model. She also was a contestant in the Miss Georgia 1978 pageant.

Q: Do students who are home schooled have to attend school at home when public and parochial schools have canceled school for the day?

A: Parents or guardians of students who are home schooled oversee their education and set their schedule. There would be nothing stopping home schooled students from having classes or completing lessons when school is canceled for public or parochial students.

Q: With colleges always wanting more money, why are students permitted to vote? They don’t file income taxes and aren’t permanent residents?

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A: Lots of groups and people are always asking for money. And lots of college students work and pay income tax, as well as many other taxes. Why are retirees who spend half the year in Florida and receive Social Security and Medicare allowed to vote? Should Apple employees who move to Iowa to work at the company’s planned Waukee facility be allowed to vote after the company received $200 million in tax subsidies? People vote in the jurisdiction that is currently their primary residence, which is pretty much the only way a republic based on proportional representation can work.

Q: What is the JD Power award?

A: J.D. Power is a global marketing and information services company based in California; it conducts all kinds of market research on auto quality and customer satisfaction with cars and trucks. The company gives awards each year to different brands and models based on dependability, quality and performance.

Q: How do I contact the ACLU law firm?

A: The American Civil Liberties Union is not a law firm. It’s a nonprofit legal organization that works in courts and legislatures to defend American rights. Reach the Iowa affiliate at info@aclu-ia.org; 505 Fifth Ave., Suite 808, Des Moines 50309; or (515) 243-3576.

Q: What happened to Stefan on “Days of Our Lives”? Why did they change the character?

A: Actor Tyler Christopher has left the show, and newcomer Brandon Barash has taken over.

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