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Q: Is Kat Dennings ever going to do another TV series?

A: It’s possible — she is set to star in the upcoming pilot of an ABC comedy based on the book and blog “How May We Hate You.” Dennings also will be one of the voices for an animated series, “Dallas and Robo,” on Youtube Red this year and has been on several episodes of “Drunk History” on Comedy Central.

Q: Are any of the kids from the “Goonies” still stars today?

A: Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and Martha Plimpton are probably the best know today of the young actors in that movie.

Q: Does honey spoil? How do we remove the crystals in honey?

A: According to the ISU Extension, honey should be stored in a tight container inside a cool and dry place. Over time honey will darken and flavor will change but it is safe to eat indefinitely. If your honey crystallizes you can place the container in warm water and stir until the crystals dissolve. But if your honey foams or smells like alcohol, discard it, as it has been contaminated.

Q: Whatever happened to Richard and Tom Mark, the older brothers of Jerry Mark, who was convicted of murder? Are they still alive? If so, where are they now?

A: Richard Mark is 78 and lives in Minnesota; Tom Mark died in Waterloo in 2005.

Q: Why don’t any Republicans, such as Walt Rogers and Sandy Salmon, attend any forums to discuss items with taxpayers?

A: Rogers cited statements he made a year ago that he would not attend forums hosted by the Black Hawk-Bremer League of Women Voters because he believes they have become partisan. He said he is willing to meet with any constituent.

Q: How many airports in Iowa have airlines subsidized through the federal Essential Air Service program? What are the airports, airlines and the amounts of subsidies?

A: According to the most recent information we could find from the Iowa Department of Transportation, Iowa has: Sioux City, $611,434 (American); Waterloo, $945,546 (American); Mason City, $3,715,952 (Air Choice One); Fort Dodge, $3,715,952 (Air Choice One); and Burlington, $1,917,566 (Air Choice One).

Q: Is Sen. Joni Ernst a millionaire?

A: A Cedar Rapids Gazette report in 2015 that looked at the net worth of all Iowa congressional members found Ernst had a net worth of $1,040,530.

Q: If I am on the “Do Not Call” list and continue to receive unwanted calls, where can I report this?

A: According to the Federal Trade Commission, you should file a complaint at or call (888) 382-1222.

Q: What percentage of the people in Iowa are African-American? What percentage of people in Waterloo are African-American?

A: About 3.7 percent of Iowa’s population is African-American, according to the Iowa Data Center. The number for Waterloo is about 15.7 percent.

Q: Who is Bobby Flay’s wife? How many children do they have?

A: Flay is divorced and dating actress Helene Yorke. He has one daughter.

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