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Q. Is Kitchens Plus located on Rainbow Drive still in business? If not, when did it close?

A. We were unable to make contact with anyone related to the business. It apparently has no storefront, website or working phone number.

Q. With the Waterloo Airport FAA tower only operating part time, aren't the approach control duties already handled by Des Moines during the hours Waterloo is closed?

A. No. When scheduled aircraft, such as American Airlines, arrives into Waterloo from Chicago, they are talking to Chicago’s Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). Therefore, when the Waterloo tower closes at 8 p.m., it "gives up" Waterloo’s airspace to Chicago, said airport director Keith Kaspari. So, for the 9:45 p.m. American arrival, and as the aircraft approaches Waterloo, it transitions to an uncontrolled airport and airspace, and communicates the aircraft’s intentions on the same frequency that if the tower was open, which is the Common Traffic Area Frequency.

Q. Why did the road construction at the corner of San Marnan and Ansborough stop? When is it expected to be done?

A. The Ansborough Avenue project has been on winter shutdown since December. Remaining work includes pavement widening between Fitzway Drive and the U.S. Highway 20 ramp; paving the south radius at both the Fitzway Drive and Fisher Drive corners; retaining wall and trail on west side; installing pedestrian push buttons at San Marnan Drive; and constructing a sidewalk ramp at the southwest corner of San Marnan Drive.

Q. The stone house at the corner of Highway 63 and Conger has sat in disrepair for many, many years. What can be done with this?

A. That is the Dunsmore House, built in 1866 and thought to be the only remaining 19th-century limestone house standing in Waterloo. The city bought the house for $35,000 in 2012 to save it from demolition due to its historic nature, but no money has ever been allocated to improve it.

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Q. When are they going to start working on Shaulis Road between Dysart and Orange roads?

A. Shaulis and Orange Roads are parallel so the question is confusing. The city expects Dysart Road from Shaulis Road to Orange Road to be reconstructed this summer, if that's what you meant.

Q. Several years ago there was discussion in the paper about paving Ansborough south of Waterloo all the way to Schrock Road either this year or in 2020. Is this project still going to happen?

A. This project was considered about 10 years ago but is no longer in Black Hawk County's five-year secondary roads construction program, said Cathy Nicholas, county engineer. Priorities have changed and upgrading a gravel road to a paved road is approximately $1 million per mile. The county's annual construction budget is approximately $3 million to $4 million.

Q. The province of Nova Scotia in Canada -- what does that mean?

A. It's Latin for "New Scotland."

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