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Q: On the 700 Club they talked about Barry McGuire who was into cars and studying the Bible. I think he also sang the song “Eve of Destruction.” Is this the same Barry McGuire? If so, why didn’t they mention his musical past?

A: It’s the same McGuire. He has made a number of Christian recordings over the last decades. They’ve talked about his past before; maybe you missed that. You can read more about his past and what brought him to the 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting network website at www.cbn.com.

Q: When is the Saturday prime time TV scheduled to publish in the Courier?

A: It’s on Friday’s paper on the weather page. We had a mistake in the March 15 Courier where the wrong listings were printed on that page, and we apologize for that.

Q: You printed that Logan Avenue was named after Sen. John A: Logan, who was a general in the Civil War. Was he fighting for the north or the south?

A: Logan was in the Union Army.

Q: Is the training the public safety officers are going through in Cedar Falls the same training and tests a regular firefighter has to take or a shorter version?

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A: Public safety officers complete the same training and certification process that is required, tested and certified by the Fire Training Bureau, which is governed by the state of Iowa.

Q: How many times have other agencies been called in to help Cedar Falls Fire since 2017?

A: Cedar Falls has not needed help to fight any fires with the exception of hauling water to rural areas where there are no fire hydrants. Any fire agency fighting a fire of a larger size in a rural area will need help hauling water as many tanker trucks are needed to haul the water. All fire agencies in Black Hawk County do have 28e agreements to assist each other when the need arises.

Q: To renew my driver’s license in person, do I need to bring in anything other than my current license and money to pay the cost?

A: According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, “As long as the license is valid and is wanting to renew only then it would be the cost of the license. You can now renew for an eight-year license, and it would be $32.”

Q: Who do we call about signs still being up on the building at University and Midway and the street sign missing at the corner of Progress and University?

A: Call the Waterloo Traffic Operations Department, 291-4440, to report issues with street signs. We’d need more information about the exact building and some idea of why signs on a private building are of concern to answer the rest of the question.

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