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Q: What college did Charles Barkley play basketball for?

A: He played for Auburn University.

Q: Why don’t the schools just cancel spring break and use those days to make up snow days?

A: Since the school districts had scheduled many months before to have classes off that week, it was not feasible to require staff and students to be there. It is common for people to make travel plans during that week.

Q: I would like to make my own sauerkraut. Can you print a recipe for making homemade sauerkraut that is safe to eat?

A: Instructions from the Old Farmer’s Almanac:

You need some kind of brining crock — it can be any unchipped enamel pot or large glass jar. The gallon, wide-mouth jars that restaurants use to buy pickles in work well. And don’t use metal utensils — use wooden spoons and mashers and glass or crockery for dipping and weighting.

1) For a 1-gallon container, core and shred 5 pounds of cabbage. Measure out 3 tablespoons of pickling (or kosher or dairy) salt.

2) Alternate layers of cabbage with a sprinkling of salt, tapping each layer with a wooden spoon or potato masher. The top layer should be salt. This will not seem like it’s enough salt, but it will give you a 2 ½ percent solution, the perfect strength for fermentation.

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3) Boil an old dish towel or piece of sheeting for 5 minutes and cover the crock with it. Weight this down with a flat plate the size of the inside of the crock and weight it down with a canning jar full of water. If you’re using a glass jar, you won’t need to weight it down. Let it sit for a day.

4) If you used fresh and tender cabbage, by the next day you should have enough brine to cover the cabbage. If you don’t, make more brine by adding 1 ½ teaspoons salt to a cup of water and add enough to cover.

5) In 2 or 3 days, white scum will form on the top. Skim this off, replace the cloth with a newly boiled one, wash the plate, and replace it all. Repeat this skimming (a 5-minute job) each day until the bubbles stop rising, or for about 2 weeks. Then your sauerkraut is done!

6) At this point, simply keep the cabbage below the brine with the plate, cover the crock tightly, and store at 40°F to 50°F. If your cellar isn’t that cool, heat the sauerkraut just to simmering, pack in canning jars, seal and process in a water bath 20 minutes for quarts, 15 minutes for pints.

Q: Can you print the phone number for the Green Scene people and when their sale will be?

A: Call Yvonne Duggan, (319) 404-8791. The sale will be 9 a.m. to noon May 11.

Q: Do you have information on how much Drew Carey is paid to host the “Price is Right”?

A: Forbes magazine reported two years ago that Carey makes about $12 million a year; other entertainment sites suggest it’s closer to $9 million.

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