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Q: Has Councilman Steve Schmitt ever voted in the affirmative for a Waterloo city budget?

A: Schmitt voted for the city budget adopted in 2014.

Q: What are the dates for the Baltimore Street resurfacing project? When the street is resurfaced will the parking on Lorraine and Easton be modified to allow residents access?

A: Baltimore is going to be reconstructed, not resurfaced. Since the contract is currently out for bids, the city won’t have a schedule from a contractor until mid to late April. Parking on Lorraine and Easton will be allowed on both sides of the streets temporarily when those intersections with Baltimore are closed.

Q: Will the pedestrian bridge still be over Highway 63?

A: No. There is no reason for a bridge because the underpass below it will be filled in when a vehicle bridge is constructed over the railroad tracks. There will be a pedestrian tunnel through the bridge, basically where the pedestrian bridge is currently located, when the project is complete.

Q: What is the old Christ Lutheran Church on South Hackett being used for? What is the zoning on that property?

A: The Waterloo City Council voted in February 2017 to rezone the former Christ Lutheran Church and preschool at 234 S. Hackett Road to conditional commercial zoning, which allows it to be used as professional offices or a day-care center.

Q: Can the Waterloo Water Works turn off a customer’s water in the middle of January for nonpayment?

A: Yes, the Water Works can shut off water service to customers in the winter. The Winter Disconnection Moratorium program only applies to gas or electric utility service. Please refer to Iowa Code 476.20 for more information.

Q: What is the deadline given for the wind turbines located by Fairbank to come down?

A: The company that owns the turbines has appealed the most recent Iowa Court of Appeals ruling. Pending the outcome of that request there is no deadline set for the turbines to be removed.

Q: I have a cross-cut shredder and place shredded paper items in a white garbage bag. Does this bag and paper go into the recycle bin or garbage bin?

A: Empty the paper into the recycle bin and throw the plastic bag into the garbage.

Q: A small creek runs through the town of Denver and some trees have fallen into it impeding the flow. Who is responsible for removing these trees?

A: Folks in City Hall say the city of Denver has removed those trees in the past.

Q: When will we know if Maddie Poppe of Clarksville moved into the next level on “American Idol”?

A: She is moving on to the round of the top 24 contestants on the show, following her performance Monday night.

Q: Is any information available on East High’s 100th anniversary?

A: No. Waterloo Community Schools’ officials said planning is underway for a celebration.

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