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Q: On the Dupaco commercial it shows a barbecue place. Where is this?

A: According to Jennifer Hanniford with Dupaco marketing and communication, “The barbecue operation featured on Dupaco Community Credit Union’s TV and radio commercials is called Autry Veterans BBQ & Catering. Located in Cedar Rapids, the business does catering, prepared meals and in-home, custom cooking for events and families. Visit www.autrysbbq.com or call (319) 651-4886.”

Q: In “Danny Boy,” who is singing to Danny?

A: That’s been a matter of debate over the years. Most conclude it’s a parent or sweetheart singing to Danny as he goes off to war or perhaps immigrates to America.

Q: Will the winners of the birthday game that ran in the Courier be published in the paper? If not, how were the recipients notified?

A: Birthday winners who signed the release form were announced through Facebook.

Q: Can plastic water bottles be recycled?

A: Yes.

Q: What was the annual salary for Pat Russo of St. Vincent de Paul?

A: The salary was about $72,300 per the most recently available IRS Form 990. He was required to buy his own health insurance.

Q: What is the little brick village on Newell and Ash? It is beautiful. Is it a senior home?

A: Unity Square, which opened in 2010, is an affordable housing development for families meeting low-income qualifications.

Q: Is Evansdale getting a Dollar Tree?

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A: The Evansdale City Council voted in October to approve a development agreement for Dollar Tree to construct a new store near Lafayette and Evans roads.

Q: What is the speed limit on Washington from Park to Seventh?

A: It is 35 mph.

Q: If we find a dead animal within city limits who should we contact?

A: In Waterloo contact animal control at 833-0797 or 291-4440. You can also email animal.control@waterloo-ia.org.

Q: How much longer will it take for the traffic signals to work at Dubuque and Osage roads? They have been flashing red for well over a year.

A: Waterloo Traffic Operations is still waiting for the railroad to issue a permit to allow the city to finish the railroad pre-emption work. Until that permit is issued, the city can’t predict when the work will be done.

Q: Does the city of Gilbertville ever follow through with what they write on the water bills about not blowing leaves, grass or snow into the street? Have they ever addressed this issue with anyone, since it happens a lot?

A: The city does address complaints that are received, according to the city clerk’s office.

Q: A beaver was picked up on the corner of West Third and Allen in Waterloo. Will it be released by a rehabber after the flooding goes down or will it be euthanized?

A: An animal control officer picked the beaver up and delivered it to a volunteer with wildlife rehabilitation. It was held overnight and observed. The beaver was released the next morning after making sure it was not sick or injured.

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