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Unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like: People opening boxes and narrating their actions. Unboxing videos are very popular with kids, racking up millions of views and tens of millions of subscribers. Some unboxing videos, such as ones about toys and Kinder Surprise eggs are usually fine for kids to watch (with a few caveats). But the subject matter of some unboxing videos is not age-appropriate. If your kid likes these videos, be aware that they are not technically “reviews” of a product’s pros and cons. Unboxing videos show the product in a favorable light and can have the same effect as advertising. Learn a little bit more about them and how to manage kids’ fascination below.


When the NFL was first exposed for its backward approach to treating abusive men in 2014, the league claimed ignorance. How could they have known there would be video of Ray Rice punching then-girlfriend Janay Palmer in a casino elevator? They could have known - it didn't take a genius to see that Atlantic City was just one big CCTV backdrop. Thing is, you can only claim ignorance once. After ...