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George Washington

Last weekend, the Fourth of July was celebrated across the country with fireworks, oratory and parades. Those serving in the armed forces were saluted, along with veterans of the various wars we have fought. In some speeches, citizens were urged to take inspiration from their service as well as that of our Founding Fathers.

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TRUMP, on his record of filling federal judicial appointments: "There's only one person ... who percentage-wise has done better than me with judges." — Cincinnati rally Thursday.

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TRUMP: "We have billions of dollars coming into our treasury — billions — from China. We never had 10 cents coming into our treasury; now we have billions coming in." — remarks at a meeting with Republican lawmakers Thursday.

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TRUMP: "We'll have more judges put on than any other president other than one. Do you know who the one is? George Washington. Percentage wise." ''You know I have 145 (judges nominated), plus hopefully two Supreme Court judges. And that's assuming nobody leaves the bench which they will over the next period of time." ''I often say, 'Who has highest percentage of federal judges.' They say, 'You do.' I'll say, 'No, no. I got killed.' They said, 'George Washington' ... because he appointed a hundred percent of the judges." — interview released Wednesday with Hill TV.

Parents need to know that “The Council” is an episodic, downloadable narrative-focused adventure for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. A tale of intrigue and manipulation set during the meeting of a secret society in 1793, this is a game of cunning and careful planning. Although social skills are rewarded and encouraged, it’s in the context of manipulating others for your own gain. The flipside of that is the game also rewards you for making sure others truly earn your trust and that you always protect yourself. There are references to and sometimes depictions of torture, poisoning, and gun violence to influence others — the violence isn’t graphic but is a consistent element of the plot. The game’s camera also seems to go out of its way to show one female character’s cleavage. Women are referred to as “sluts,” there are also references to rape, and one scene includes elements of seduction and implied sex after the camera fades to black. “S--t” and “hell” are said frequently. Finally, there are also references to consuming absinthe and holistic crystals for supernatural purposes.

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In the South during the Jim Crow era, the “one-drop rule,” codified into law, asserted if a person had just one drop of African-American blood…

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