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Editor's Note: This has been updated to correct the name of Kevin Youngblut.

Media prejudice


WATERLOO — Troubling numbers of folks in this country continue to show an inability to think critically or objectively, and that’s apparently ripe kindling for today’s prejudiced media and press. A recent example is in Charlottesville. Trump accurately and honestly stated the troubles originated on “many sides,” but the left’s selective vision prevails. One group wanted to peacefully protest, and sadly, authorities foolishly didn’t recognize the gasoline/fire formula enabled by allowing the counter protesters to enter the mix. Had each group had their day, the risk of violent confrontations would have been significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, the media’s obsessed with Trump’s words. Ironically, that same press egregiously capitalized on countless acts of radical Islamic terrorism in the USA and the then-POTUS didn’t find the backbone to call it what it was — courtesy of the double-standard, lap-dog media. While imperfect, it remains a healthy, refreshing change to have a business leader in D.C., shaking the cherry trees and stirring up the status-quo, fat-cat politicos.

Why doesn’t media report objectively on the glaring ineptitudes and disservice within Congress and serve an honest, meaningful purpose? That’d be healthy too.

Wind farm


HUDSON — We have alien crop formations in Black Hawk County! It isn’t the traditional crop circle you are thinking of, but more of a straight line. In fact, it looks a lot like a road. It starts at lat 42.3263 long -92.4064 and extends north to lat 42.3299 and -92.4064 and beyond.

There has been no construction in the area, so alien life forms are the only explanation. I would encourage everyone to come and see it for themselves. I also would encourage the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors to contact NASA to investigate this phenomena; or, explain to the citizens they serve the RPM wind farm isn’t a “proposed” project, but rather a project that is currently underway and for some reason did not require the same permits required by law as the rest of the citizens are required to abide by.

English language


WATERLOO — School’s open soon, and once more, our youth will be subjected to the corruptive influences of Karl Marx, John Dewey and the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association — in spite of the best efforts of some very talented and dedicated educators.

Parents might be edified and encouraged by what Father (now bishop) Robert Barron wrote in his profound and compelling 2011 book, “Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith:” “Shakespeare was one of the freest writers in the history of the English language, by which I mean he was able to say anything he wanted to say, to express every shade of thought and nuance of feeling his wickedly complex dramas called for. He did not achieve this mastery by speaking and writing according to the whim of his choice, but rather through subjecting himself to a whole series of masters, by studying English grammar and syntax, by listening to patterns and rhythms of speech, and by steadily immersing himself in the ocean of English vocabulary.”

One needn’t be Catholic to be inspired by Barron’s characterization of Shakespeare’s mastery of the English language.


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