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"The 1619 Project" offers important insights

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I am responding to the letter from Thomas Menuey (Jan. 2). I am now reading "The 1619 Project" book and find it very enlightening. This book has facts that have been researched. There are sources of where the information has been discovered and about the contributors .

I am 64 years old and was taught history when I was in school in the 1960s and 70s. As time has passed, many historians have discovered truths and facts that we were not taught when I was young.

Like Mr. Menuey, I am also a taxpayer and would like children to be educated with all the facts and truth which we have about our history. I want children to be exposed to a more complete view of our history, a history we can't shake, a history we should not retreat from. There are many reasons to look at the experience of others that help shape who we are and what we believe. What's the harm in being exposed and learning from our past? Isn't that how we all grow and create a stronger community?

I think "The 1619 Project" is an important book to read and learn from.

Rose Quirk, Waterloo



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