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Public schools are not teaching facts

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I almost stopped reading in disgust Saul Shapiro’s Sunday, Jan. 2, column when he said “Iowa Republicans, wary of public schools teaching facts ...”

C’mon Saul! We all know facts are not all government schools are teaching. Many teachers have been trained in critical race theory, whether or not there are actual “CRT” classes in the official curriculum. The racial divisiveness in which those teachers have been trained comes out in their teaching. We know how administration-heavy government schools have become -- top positions laden with leftist goals, blessed by the unions, who in turn reward the Democratic National Committee.

Halfway down the column ...“QAnon lurks as a competitor -- 1 in 4 Republicans ... are aligned with it.” (A lie. I am pretty conservative, and have only heard about QAnon from Democrats in their attempts to sully the character of conservatives.) The rest is all about QAnon. This is a thinly-veiled plan to falsely align Republicans and other school-choice advocates with “Hitler,” “racism,” “misogyny” and the other tiresome, ridiculous leftist innuendo.

As to whether any taxpayer money should facilitate children going to parochial schools, honoring equal opportunities in education does not a theocracy make.

The poorest communities would benefit most from school vouchers.

Carol (Mrs. John) Petersen, Reinbeck



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