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Progressives are the real narcissists

Progressives are the real narcissists

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In reference to “Great American experiment is in peril” by Steve Corbin in the July 11 Courier:

In this column Corbin tells us that Donald Trump has been proclaimed a narcissist by “27 psychiatrists and mental health experts.” What is a narcissist? The dictionary states a narcissist has “an excessive admiration of themselves.”

Corbin states he was fortunate to have parents who embraced immigration. Well what type of immigration does Corbin embrace: legal, illegal, or both? According to 2016 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics the U.S. admitted 1.18 million legal immigrants in 2016. Far and away the the United States is the primary destination of immigrants.

The problem is Corbin is not just talking of legal immigrants. He and the liberal progressive Democrats are promoting illegal immigration to swell their voter ranks. And instead of being honest with the American people by proclaiming that the Democratic Party stands for illegal immigration, they claim the high ground of moral superiority that they are for “immigration.”

Now who are the narcissists; Donald Trump or the Democrat progressives who by attempting to show their moral superiority are only showing “an excessive admiration of themselves?”

Theodore Lederman, Waterloo


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