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Voucher vote


VINTON --- I am a former teacher at Waterloo East High School, now retired, but am on the local school board for Vinton-Shellsburg. I have a concern about the election to replace Jeff Danielson. I cannot vote in your election but thought I should let you know that Walt Rogers is the representative who introduced a bill each session to approve "educational grants" -- vouchers - -for non-public schools and home school families, under the euphemism of "school choice."

This is a blatant attempt to divert tax dollars from the public school system in Iowa, and worse, with no accountability. The legislative non-partisan budget evaluation says this would divert about $260 million. When Representative Rogers lost his re-election bid, other Republicans, sadly, voted to move this idea through the legislature again now. I graduated from parochial schools myself, so I feel for the needs of non-public schools. But our superintendent explains it this way: Towns build and maintain roads for all citizens to use, but if you want a private road to your own front door, you should not expect tax dollars for that. I urge you to consider how your choice will affect all future Iowa students.

Disappointed in Walt Rogers


CLARKSVILLE – I am very upset with the Republican choice for candidate in the District 30 State Senate special election.

This is obviously not an endorsement letter, but people who want to voice their dislikes and queries should not be silenced or hindered from addressing things in a paper they read.

Walt Rogers has always disappointed me in everything he has done ever since he became a politician.

He is one of the reasons I have not been moving to Cedar Falls.

In the Iowa State House he has never done anything appropriate on the Administrative Services and Regulations Appropriations Commission. Clean energy regulation and environmental regulations have gone downhill under him, and he has ruined the administration of mental health services in Iowa. The Iowa G.O.P. should have found someone else to run.

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