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Voting Democrat


WATERLOO -- Two years ago Iowa voters embarked on an experiment. For the first time in 18 years we voted to have the Iowa House, Senate and governor’s office all be controlled by Republicans. What have been the results?

Well, Walt Rogers and other Republicans made a mess of the state budget the past two years. Iowa law requires a ‘balanced budget,’ but Republicans both years gave away so many millions in tax breaks to out-of-state corporations they had to make mid-year budget cuts to education, health care, and other priorities Iowans care about. Once in control Republicans turned out to be not conservative, but radical and extreme on a variety of issues.

Meanwhile, Gov. Reynolds doubled-down on the privatization of Iowa’s Medicaid program, which will go down as one of the most wasteful, expensive decisions in state history. Reynolds seems like a nice person, she’s just incompetent.

The past two years have proven Republicans can’t manage the state budget and are so extreme they don’t represent the average person. In a few weeks we have the opportunity to correct the mistake we made in 2016. This time I’m voting Democratic to return some balance and sanity to Iowa state government.

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