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Climate hope


JESUP — In my Oct. 8 letter, I summarized six facts related to climate change that were presented in an article in the April 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine. These facts showed convincingly global climate change is happening, and it is being caused in large measure by human activities. A seventh fact also was presented in the article that needs to be addressed.

It is that we can do something about climate change. Fossil fuel use can be reduced. The cost of solar energy is plummeting, and renewable energy soon may be cheaper than fossil fuels. Worldwide, renewable energy accounted for more than half the new generating capacity in 2015. Morocco has built a 300-megawatt wind farm, Japan is putting solar panels on ponds and rooftops, and South Korea announced a goal of retiring all coal-fired power plants. In addition, the U.S. now has more solar jobs than coal, oil and gas combined. Individually, we can winterize our homes, install solar panels, drive less and use E-15 or E-85 ethanol.

We need to increase our efforts. NASA just announced August 2017 was the second warmest in 137 years of modern record keeping.

Seeking power


CEDAR FALLS — Most of the time, Dennis Clayson’s views turn me off after reading the first or second paragraph. However, on Oct. 29 some comments were given further reflection. Without boundaries, there is no real freedom for anyone — only chaos. (We start setting limits for toddlers.) We have a federal government, state government and local government to establish rules and laws by which citizens are to abide. These are for the general good of everyone.

There are politicians, starting with Donald Trump, and special interest groups — the NRA in particular — who are ignoring the rights of others to gain more power for themselves. This is regrettable.

Clayson asks, “Is the average citizen being treated as ‘another natural resource?’” The Vietnam War is referenced. Why did it happen? Many lives were lost! Clayson believes small wars are meant to stir up patriotism, make arms producers wealthy and extend the influence of politicians and governments. Why are we still in Afghanistan? I heard there are minerals in the hills. So? What’s one to think?

There will always be wars and rumors of wars as long as there is anyone seeking power and riches, and there will always be those people.

GOP tax plan


TRIPOLI — I would personally gain from the GOP tax plan, but I am still against it.

Why? Because it redistributes wealth upward and will explode the deficit. It is touted as a $1.5 trillion tax cut, but $200 billion goes to ending the estate tax for those who inherit more than $22 million, and a trillion goes to lowering corporate taxes, which is “trickle down” economics and provides no benefits to the middle class workers. The $300 billion in tax cuts that goes to the working class amounts to about $100 a person and phases out in a few years while the corporate and estate taxes do not, which makes this a classic “bait and switch” proposal that will redistribute even more power and wealth to the top 1 percent.

If you consider your Social Security and Medicare “gorging at the public trough,” and believe being born on third base actually is hitting a triple, then this tax bill is your fondest dream. But if you care a fig about the deficit, the middle class and the future of our democracy, this bill will lead to a permanent plutocracy that will be BORN multi-billionaires with no social responsibility.


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