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Rogers' defeat


CEDAR FALLS -- Walt Rogers responded bitterly toward the Black Hawk County Democratic Party after his election loss. "They've hated me for the last eight to 10 years," he told the Courier.

Rogers' indignation poured forth as he took aim at newly elected Abby Finkenauer. "Maybe I'll just run against Abby Finkenauer. ... Maybe I'll just declare right now," he said.

More likely, Iowa voters have moved past the false promises of Walt Rogers' radical ideas.

I seldom agreed with Rogers' politics; nevertheless, I thank him for running for public office, putting himself and his views at the mercy of public opinion.

Entering the US


WATERLOO -- In response to Duane Lindberg's Oct. 25 column, I agree. Hence, I am at odds with Ron Spears' Nov. 1 letter of response to the column criticizing Dr. Lindberg's assertions and defending illegal entry into the U.S.

By his singular emphasis on love and compassion and his disdain for law, Mr. Spears evidences a failure to recognize what our nation's founders recognized -- the necessity for God's two kingdom (church/state) parameters. They recognized that while God rules through both church and state, he rules each through different means; church through love, compassion, forgiveness; state through civil law, reason and force.

Both church and state are necessary to ensure order, harmony, justice and preservation. Mr. Spears' one kingdom tunnel vision engenders discontent, disorder and lawlessness. Only when church and state, each in its own responsibility and modus operandi work in concert together will the temporal well-being of immigrant citizens and nation be best preserved.

It is in dedication to that goal that I support "use legal methods to enter the U.S."

Gun control


CEDAR FALLS -- We have had our 318th mass shooting in the U.S. Press conferences are held, flags are lowered and memorials spring up. Then a politician goes on camera telling us we need to do something about gun control.

Alright, Mr. Politician, why don’t you do something about it?

All you have to do is Google “NRA contributions to elected senators and congressmen" as to why elected officials won't do anything. One report shows a total of $31 million given to our elected officials from the National Rifle Association.

There is a possible solution. First, we need a brave politician to introduce the idea. Take the total money the NRA gives elected politicians and allow each of these officials to receive a lump sum amount from the taxpayers not to support NRA legislation. The resolution should also limit the money the National Rifle Association or PACs can give.

If they can’t receive NRA money and can only receive taxpayer funds, that should solve the reason they won't pass gun control.

Where should we get the money to give to these elected officials to replace NRA money? From any foreign country who receives foreign aid and hates the U.S.

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