Cadasil cure


Carney Family Fundraiser

CEDAR FALLS — Thank you, Cedar Valley. Without your help we could not possibly have raised funds for awareness and research for cadasil. We kicked off our fundraiser Feb. 28, 2018, which is worldwide rare disease day. What a success it was. We originally had hoped to raise more than $1,000. Our final number was $35,087.

We plan to have many of the same events this year. We will hold the main event at the Cedar Falls AMVETS on July 28. Our goal is to raise one more dollar than last year.

The Carney family has vowed to continue doing what we can until a cure for cadasil is found. We hope that the cure is found in time to help those in our family afflicted by the disease, but we also hope that the cure is discovered before it surfaces in any other family.

N. Hackett Road


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WATERLOO — North Hackett Road right off Rainbow Drive in Waterloo is starting to look like a parking lot because of the vehicles that are parking there all the time now. The first car started parking there a couple of years ago and now it has increased to both sides. They are not illegal because there are no signs to say they can’t. But it is a destination road to get to the end of North Hackett to the trails and if someone is waiting at the stop sign to turn onto Rainbow Drive, sometimes no one can turn onto North Hackett.

I would hate to have an emergency vehicle needing to get down the road because a bigger one wouldn’t be able to make the corner between cars sitting there. There is no curb and gutters like South Hackett, so don’t even know if it is a normal width road. Maybe the City Council could make an ordinance for parking on one side only like South Hackett.

Local farmers


WATERLOO — As a young livestock farmer in Black Hawk County, it’s upsetting our county supervisors signed an activist-drafted moratorium discouraging livestock in our county. It is not just an insult to our multi-generational family farm but a roadblock for other young farm families looking to add livestock. Agriculture in the county accounts for 23% of employment, farmers being a tiny part of that.

Think of veterinarians, livestock transporters, grain co-ops, equipment dealers and the large pork packing plant in our own county that employs thousands of workers. These jobs are supported by livestock in our community. I hope others learn more about the good things in agriculture.

Although farming is not perfect, it’s not what activist groups make it out to be. On our farm, we plant trees around our pig barn to help reduce potential odor. We build relationships with neighbors to make sure we are not affecting their quality of life and follow strict regulations on manure application which is used on our fields instead of commercial fertilizers.

If our local leaders continue to listen to these biased groups instead of hearing from a young local farmer, I’m afraid for the future of agriculture jobs in our county.

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