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Miles of wall


WATERLOO — Regarding the border wall, National Public Radio, respected as the most impartial news source, reports the following: “In November, the government announced a $324 million contract for 32 miles of ‘primary pedestrian replacement wall’ in Arizona.

“A 20-mile border wall replacement project in Santa Teresa, N.M., was announced in April 2018. The cost is reported to be $73.3 million.

“A six-mile ‘levee wall system’ is set for construction in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley beginning in February 2019. It will cost $145 million.

“A 14-mile ‘border wall construction project’ along the border in San Diego was announced in June 2018. The project actually will replace an 8-to-10 foot high scrap metal wall with an 18-to-30 foot bollard-style wall topped off with an anti-climbing plate. The cost will be $147 million.”

Reveal, the Center for Investigative Reporting, states, “Roughly 700 miles of fencing, almost all of it along the U.S.-Mexico border, exists today to help agents patrol the line, along with cameras, sensors and other technology. Border officials say that in many areas, a fence may be pointless because nothing happens there.”

Newsweek reports, “According to the Government Accountability Office, federal and tribal lands make up 632 miles.”

More wall not needed.



CEDAR FALLS — Trump wanted a war, but who thought it would be against U.S. citizens? Shutting down the government is a disgusting move against federal workers and programs.

Consequences of Trump’s “border wall” impulsivity:

  • 380,000 federal workers furloughed — NASA, State Department, National Park Service, Transportation Department, HUD and IRS. (NYTimes)
  • 420,000 federal employees are unpaid workers — FBI, ATF, DEA, CBP (border workers), Coast Guard, EPA, FDA and Department of Homeland Security. (NYTimes)
  • 800,000 total federal workers cannot pay bills beginning Jan. 11.
  • 38 million low-income adults and children will not have food stamps. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP) requires approval every January to continue services. (Washington Post)
  • $140 billion tax refunds will be frozen without IRS staff. (NPR)
  • FDA approvals for clinical trials are on hold — life and death matters. (CNN).
  • $400,000 per day is lost to National Park Services ($8 million total to date) with no trash maintenance. (NPR)

The economic and emotional impact of a rash decision is holding Americans hostage. Trump stated, “If we have to stay out for a very long period of time, we’re going to do that.” Really?

Re-open our government and stop unnecessary chaos!

Naming rights


WATERLOO — Now that the naming games have begun at the Black Hawk County Courthhouse, I expect that every naming sign includes the names of the payers.

That is, taxpayers.

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