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Morally bankrupt


WAVERLY — According to the CDC, in 2017 more than half of female homicide victims were killed by intimate partners, mostly male. In at least 10 percent of those cases there was a violent episode just prior to the murder.

Rep. Sandy Salmon is proposing legislation under HF2214 and HF2246 that would make it more difficult for victims of domestic violence and rape to obtain protective orders. While not a perfect solution, protective orders do offer victims some legal recourse. Salmon’s proposals are intended to lessen the responsibilities of the judiciary, which she and other GOP lawmakers are gutting. This disturbing trend of putting the almighty dollar before the well-being of our most vulnerable is indicative of the moral bankruptcy of Republican lawmakers. They have gutted our human services, underfunded education, privatized Medicaid and eviscerated our mental health system all while claiming to be the party of Christianity.



WATERLOO — In response to a Feb 4 Associated Press story, “GOP tests state limits”: Republicans are trying to “restrict a woman’s right to terminate pregnancy.” Think about what that really means. Calling it a “pregnancy” is just a way of focusing on the woman. What really is being “terminated” is a baby. The article mentions “the most common procedure used after 13 weeks,” but doesn’t identify the procedure. It is called dismemberment abortion because they dismember the baby, tear off its arms and legs and remove them from the woman’s body in pieces.

The article quoted people in favor of this. They even say it would be unconstitutional to ban abortion on the “basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis.” They think it should be legal to kill a baby based on a diagnosis or because it is not perfect. That would be a fully formed baby. What’s next? Killing Down syndrome children after birth, up to age 2? According to the article, “It’s terrifying and it’s willfully ignorant” to ban abortion after 20 weeks, said Robin Ytz of St. Louis, in the article. I sincerely believe it is more terrifying to think tearing a baby apart and throwing it away should be legal and supported by people in our government.



CEDAR FALLS — Cedar Falls Falls City Council: I see that you continue to plan on more roundabouts in our streets. Are you completely blind and deaf? The businesses on University Avenue have really suffered and now we are losing one of our top businesses, the Younkers store. People just won’t drive on University anymore than they just have to, and you still talk about roundabouts?

The freight people just hate them and have complained. They drift shut with snow constantly. You have been told by hundreds of people (who voted you in) we don’t want roundabouts. It doesn’t matter to you; you just do as you please. You are all like little children with your hand in the cookie jar. You just go ahead and spend millions of dollars more and ruin our streets, and we all feel like our hands are tied because you absolutely won’t listen to anything we say.

Put it up for a vote once and see how far it goes.


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