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University ideas


WATERLOO — A few weeks ago I read in The Courier the city is considering a fancy bridge on University Avenue at Greenhill Road. I object to it because I feel the city is foolish and wasting a lot of money. It would be better investing by removing all traffic lights and keeping it at six lanes from the four-leaf clover intersection to Midway Drive. The outer lane could be used for entrance and exits along small shopping centers.

I consider it will be a very safe route by having Progress Avenue similar to Ansborough Avenue.



CEDAR FALLS — Something called patriotism has been lost in this country. I haven’t heard it referred to in a longtime. When World War II started, my country school teacher was very patriotic. We pledged allegience to the flag, sang patriotic songs and marched around the room carrying flags. When our taecher’s husband was on leave from the Navy, we put on a show for him.

At home, we gathered silk from milkweed pods to be used in life jackets. Piles of corncobs were hauled away and used to make nylon for parachutes. It was new then.

We had ration books for some of the basics — sugar, meat, gasoline and tires. We intended to win the war against Hitler’s fascism (a system of government characterized by dictatorship, belligerent nationalism, racism and militarism).

Most people were willing to give up whatever was necessary. Our neighbors’s son went down with his ship. However, there were those who looked for ways to profit. A few farmers butchered at night and sold their product on the black market. Profit meant more than country.

It was encouraging when the word patriotism was used a few times during John McCain’s funeral. Hopefully, more people will learn its meaning.

Road work


WATERLOO — Is there even a small chance we could have a road to drive through Waterloo downtown without taking another detour to another detour to yet another detour?

I find it hard to drive into and out of work daily and really am wondering if maybe we could just demolish only as much of the road as we can fix in a season so we don’t have this go on for years?

Mr. Mayor... let’s get this finished, OK?

US Open


CEDAR FALLS — “When people show you who they are, believe them” — Maya Angelou

Serena Williams owes an apology to Naomi Osaka, referee Carlos Ramos and tennis!

Speed limits


SUMNER — Regarding the Aug. 21 letter on “Rambo,” there are speed limit signs and your vehicle has a speedometer, so the speed enforcement programs are not “traps.” Heavy foot drivers always rant about the limit is set too low because the driving public always goes about 10 mph over posted limits.

Speed is one thing there isns’t nearly enough enforcement on. The national safety folks say speed and too much of it causes as many crashes and fatalities as drunken driving, but it gets blamed on the weather or road conditions. Montana got rid of its speed limit in 1997, and they had the highest fatality rate per miles of travel of any state in the U.S.

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