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Why not work?


CEDAR FALLS — The sermon I heard Sunday had to do with helping wherever you can. I heard it and I believe it. My problem is the freeloader. Maybe you can’t weed them out. I have always believed in personal responsibility. I will help those who are willing to help themselves, but I have trouble helping those who won’t.

I have a garden and I give away most of what I raise. Question: Do most of those receiving SNAP cards have a garden? I doubt it. Do they walk to the store? I doubt it. There is a lunch program for kids during the summer. You know, my parents fed me and my sister all year, so what are these parents using their money for if they are on welfare? I can guess it isn’t food.

The unemployment rate in Black Hawk County is less than 3 percent, and I see signs all over that businesses are hiring. Why are they still waiting for checks? Because the taxpayers are providing, so why should they work? Slowly, but surely, those funds are going to dry up and they will be forced to go to work.

Smoke detectors


CEDAR FALLS — A big thanks to the Cedar Falls Fire Department for its smoke detector battery replacement program. After calling them and setting up an appointment, Cedar Falls firefighters came to my neighborhood and changed the batteries in the smoke detectors at 13 residences in our homeowners’ association.

While we are able to change most of the batteries ourselves, there is that one detector that requires a tall ladder and some agility; thankfully, they are able to take care of it.

This is a wonderful program we greatly appreciate. It’s services like this that make Cedar Falls a special place to live.; I hope it will continue.

Recycle and re-use


EVANSDALE — Have you seen the huge mounds of plastic in the ocean on TV documentaries? What was your reaction? Did it bother you? Feel any responsibility?

There is an “ocean” all around us. It is called a landfill, where all our garbage goes. What do you put in your garbage besides food? Does it include plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum containers, paper and glass? Like the plastic mountains in the ocean, non-biodegradable materials will contaminate the soil and our water for thousands of years.

We are responsible for the care of the earth. It is a moral issue. It is distressing to see even churches, religious organizations, schools, institutions and private homes daily polluting the soil and our water supply in this way.

Please take this matter seriously. Recycle, reduce and re-use. Make the little effort and inconvenience to put plastic, metal, paper and glass in recycle bins in your area. Instead of Styrofoam, use real dishes and cups, or at least paper or cardboard ones.

Too many deer


SUMNER — In response to Craig Hundley’s Nov. 18 letter, there was a time when we didn’t have these deer-vehicle crashes and there was no deer hunting going on. But our bureaucrats have purposely managed the deer to high populations to satisfy hunters and state officials who want the revenue from licenses.

It will never be fixed by citizens writing nice letters to our elected officials. Citizens should get organized and take this problem to the judiciary system, based on our right to life and safety on Iowa roads.

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