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WATERLOO — In response to the Oct. 29 letter by Ron Ihlenfeldt: Sir, you are not well-read on the issues of Israeli occupation of Palestine if all you are asking the public to do is to honor a state (Israel) for its great city and sites that they maintain. You need to educate yourself on what has/is happening every day in Israel/Palestine at the hands of the Israelis. Those who are truly interested will seek the truth, and those who do not, well, let’s just say their heads will forever remain in the sand.

I’m going to throw out some names to you, and you would do well to do some reading, listen to them on YouTube or to contact them to seek truth: Anna Baltzer, Jonathan Kuttab, Jeff Halper, Phyllis Bennis. Go to, where you will find how you might meet up locally. Ultimately, the next time you choose to enter the holy land, I would challenge you to do so by way of taking an alternative tour and visit the Palestinian “side” and really see what is happening in that land. There is a way for peace and justice to thrive!

Targets of attack


CALMAR — Recently there was a severe hatred against a faithful group of people. They have a faith that goes back to the time of Moses, Aaron and many others. The Moabites were always a problem with hatred as they were descendants of Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps there was a form of left-leaning ideologies in that town and community group. Ruth was redeemed from Moabite conditions, so on and so forth. This story of hatred in need of redemption is very old but yet still new in minds and hearts. Anyone who is aware of what opposition to faith — in the first five books of the Bible — does to a group of people by heritage, would also know that faith and family communities are important in more than just textbook information. These values are important for the heart and soul.

The individual who had this hatred did not consider wisely whom he was targeting. He was targeting family values. He was targeting faith values. He was targeting community values. To do so is a form of hatred instead of brotherly love, and hatred will never bring light as Martin Luther King pointed out. We all need redemption in this.

Trump’s words


WATERLOO — Since Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president, he has incited his supporters to engage in acts of violence.

The president takes an oath to defend the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment’s right to a free press. Trump has called the media an “enemy of the people” and praised a violent criminal (a Montana congressman) for assaulting a reporter. This is downright un-American.

After the violent Unite the Right rally Trump refused to condemn neo-Nazis. Trump has called himself a “nationalist” which is essentially a euphemism for white supremacist.

Donald Trump was actually an anchor baby, his mother was from Scotland and two of his wives were from Eastern Europe. So Trump’s anti-immigrant vitriol shows extreme hypocrisy.

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