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DOW CITY — I moved from Cedar Falls about 13 year ago but visit on a regular basis. I recently was in town for the weekend and had the occasion to experience University Avenue through Cedar Falls.

The person who thought that mess up must have had a nightmare. The traffic flow down that street is so dangerous. I will in the future do everything in my power to avoid it.

What a waste of taxpayer money. I was impressed with the downtown business district and how busy it was on Saturday night.

Animal rights


WATERLOO — Advocate for a worldwide ban of the export of live animals. They suffer during the transport and once they are delivered. Discussions are underway in governments across the UK about the possibility of a ban on live exports. But the positive impact of any ban will be compromised if it only prevents exports for slaughter and not for “production” (fattening).

Will you take a moment to email your elected representative(s), and call on them to ensure a comprehensive ban on the export of live animals for both slaughter and fattening?

A ban only on exports for slaughter will mean: the export of young, unweaned calves for fattening as beef or veal in Spain and Italy will continue the possible onward exports of animals to countries outside the EU once they’ve been ‘fattened’ – countries where slaughter conditions are often utterly inhumane

the ban will not stop the export of sheep that are being sent for fattening.

Comprehensive and enforceable: A ban on exports for slaughter and fattening should not apply to exports from Britain to Ireland where Ireland is the final destination.

Dean’s legacy


Beyond Pink Team

CEDAR FALLS — The Dean and Susan Witwer family understand breast cancer is a political issue. Policy makers determine many aspects of breast cancer such as funding for breast cancer research, access to quality care, and regulations affecting health care systems. After Susan Witwer, an extraordinary and effective local breast cancer advocate, died in 2010, Dean and their children began funding Beyond Pink TEAM’s Susan Witwer Memorial Scholarship to help one new advocate attend the annual National Breast Cancer Coalition Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. Because of Dean and his children’s generosity, eight Iowa advocates have learned to challenge the status quo by asking the hard questions; question everything; collaborate on meaningful issues; explain the advocate perspective; report back to our local folks; and to “call it like it is.”

Sadly, Dean Witwer, a gentle, quiet and generous hero, passed away April 24, 2018. He leaves a legacy of trained advocates for breast cancer prevention, education, support, and advocacy for comprehensive quality care for all in the Cedar Valley and surrounding communities while also representing you at a national level in the quest to end breast cancer.


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