Climate change


WATERLOO — Comedian Billy Connolly once told the story about a humorous incident at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation parade.

It seems her royal highness was riding in an ornate horse-drawn carriage, seated alongside the King of Tonga. One of the horses “broke wind.” The resultant odor soon permeated the down-wind carriage.

Quite embarrassed, she turned to her royal Tongan guest and, in her most apologetic British accent, said: “I’m so sorry!” The King replied: “Oh, I thought it was the horse.”

Which leads us to climate change.

Climate change is real. I call it the four seasons. Some are cooler, warmer, wetter or drier than others. As regards the notion of man-made climate change?

Chicken Little comes to mind. Sixty-four million years ago — long before horses, humans or queens’ carriages roamed earth — the climate changed suddenly, convulsively. Most planetary life perished. No, I don’t share the mass hysteria and “expert” lectures about “man-made” climate change.

The theories surrounding it are worth debating. But to summarily categorize those who challenge its assumptions as 21st Century Neanderthals merely fouls the air, much like Queen Elizabeth’s horse. Writer Thomas Sowell calls such intellectual smugness “green bigotry.” Breathe easy, relax. The sky is not falling.

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CEDAR FALLS — Recently, a resident stated in a letter (May 12) that I had banned him from Nextdoor.com (a nationwide neighborhood social network) and restricted his freedom of speech.

It’s simply not true; I’m just one of 30-plus local Neighborhood Leads and none of us have the power to terminate accounts. I did report one comment (from someone else) that threatened violence against law-abiding citizens (a clear violation).

But nothing against the letter writer. Indeed, the poll he posted was removed by Nextdoor; it violated their written Community Guidelines which limit posts to “local only” topics.

Neighbors can (and do) engage in spirited debates on school bonds, city government, you name it — as long as it’s local, and the dialogue is respectful. I learn a lot from these spirited back-and-forths and am very glad for them.

The 4,700-plus Cedar Falls residents on Nextdoor must follow the Community Guidelines in order to participate; still, it seems a bit heavy handed for Nextdoor Support to have banned the letter writer without a warning first.

I’ve left a voicemail with this resident to see if he desires to try and have his account restored, now that he’s aware of the Community Guidelines.

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