Letter response


CEDAR FALLS — Michael Bayer asks us (Jan. 28) to agree on a few facts in his letter regarding the sensitive subject of abortion. I believe one should be accurate when presenting such facts. He states science shows the blood of the baby and the mother never mixes. That is not true. Prior to the introduction of Rho (d) Immune Globulin (Rhogam) to the medical community in 1968, I performed phlebotomy, analyzed bilirubin and cross matched exchange transfusions for countless infants. Some died despite our efforts. They suffered from Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (HDN) due to fetal blood crossing the placental barrier and effectively mixing with the mother’s. Verify the facts and be very careful using “never” when qualifying a statement.

Tax cuts


TRIPOLI — Donald Trump now loudly proclaims we must spend another $711 billion to “upgrade” our military? We already spend more than the next 14 countries combined and fight our wars with the Iowa National Guard while our actual Navy trains for a sea battle that has not taken place since 1944, and our actual Army lounges in German and French nightclubs and in 188 other countries of the world where there are no wars.

We just gave a trillion-dollar tax cut to the richest of us, and now this?

In a year the “smash-and-grab” of our economy will be complete, and the GOP election losers, if the Democrats ever craft a message, will be well compensated for life by the Kochs, Mercers and Mellons.

But what about the rest of us who will pick up the tab through lower Social Security, Medicare, college tuition aid programs and the rise in your taxes because of the phase out of the piddly cut some of us will get?

We are eating our seed corn, and our children will have to pay for our greed.

Support schools


CEDAR FALLS — I am very grateful to live in Cedar Falls, a community that prides itself on forward thinking while preserving the beauty of its past. Unfortunately, we have not put that kind of dedication into ensuring our high schoolers have a suitable learning environment and high school experience. Everything from students having to eat their lunch on the floor in hallways due to not having enough cafeteria space to having temporary cubicle walls to separate classrooms making learning more challenging.

Schools are a critical selling point for a community looking to attract businesses. We have great teachers and administrators who care, but there is nothing convincing about our facilities. Now we are going to spend thousands of dollars to relocate portable classrooms/trailers to the high school so our students can enjoy walking outside the building for class. Let’s not forget the lack of security and risk these temporary classrooms offer our children. Say nothing to what it looks like for companies or families looking to possibly move to our community. The current high school was opened in 1954 and the last addition was completed in 2005. People got behind a school in the ’50s and now it is our turn.