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School bill


WATERLOO — It has become increasingly clear the majority in the Iowa Legislature care not an iota for public education. While boasting about a 1 percent increase in SSA they fail to mention inflation, the general increase in price levels, is 1.8 percent. That means schools are seeing a nearly 1 percent cut in their purchasing power regardless of what Rep. (Walt) Rogers crows about.

We witnessed last week another salvo in the war on public education. The Student Opportunity Act sponsored by the Cedar Valley’s Walt Rogers. This bill would provide for student opportunities, for the wealthy and connected, while eliminating opportunities for thousands of kids. This bill would steal public money to allow students to enroll in private schools. Except the amount doesn’t cover tuition for any private school for a year in the Cedar Valley. So wealthy parents who can make up the difference get a subsidy, while middle parents will be forced to send their children to resource-starved public schools. Iowa is great because every student has the opportunity at success. If this bill passes only children of privilege will be able to have choices about their future while the rest are left behind.

Saving Elsa


WATERLOO — I applaud The Courier for featuring the story “Frozen Elsa finds warmth and love” (Feb. 9) as it most certainly needed to be told. According to your story, Animal Control made contact with the owners, seized her and then returned her, giving the owners counseling and education on proper shelter for a dog. Did they then follow up with the owners prior to getting the next complaint?

If they waited until receiving the next complaint, Animal Control was less than diligent in doing its job. I am reminded of a similar situation regarding another dog found dead after numerous calls regarding its care and just as many contacts made by Animal Control. Yet, “Brutus” died alone in his kennel, skin and bones, on a cold November day.

GOP party


WAVERLY — It is truly amazing to see what has happened to the Republican Party over the past year. This was, supposedly, the party of family values, fiscal responsibility and law and order, instinctively respecting law enforcement institutions.

And then, Donald Trump was voted into office and the party took a dramatic turn. This president has made a mockery of the notion of family values. He speaks out in support of those accused of harassment and abuse, rather than for the victims. He demeans anyone who opposes him and appears to have a total disrespect for our democratic principles. He criticizes our federal law enforcement, from the judicial system to the FBI which, by the way, is one of the government’s most conservative institutions. He has touted the most “massive tax cut in history” and supports a 2 year budget that is likely to bring the 2018 deficit to $1 trillion.

So, this is the new face of the Republican party and only Republicans can change that. I believe America is better than how this president is attempting to portray us. Hopefully, the Republican Party will prove to be stronger and more courageous than it has so far shown itself to be.


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