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Obey law


CEDAR FALLS -- I hope you listened to some of (Nancy) Pelosi's eight-hour speech Feb. 7. I didn't know until then she cares more about those coming across the border illegally than those who are citizens. She called them "border jumpers."

You always take care of your own family first. Maybe her speech was just a political ploy for more votes. It should have given a lot of people something to think about, and there were several in her party asking her to retire, soon. It's enough that they have come here illegally, but we pay for their keep after they get here and our citizens don't even get that kind of care. I feel for those DACA persons as they had no choice, and I think something will be done to remedy their situation. But to withhold from legal and give away to illegal can never be correct. But it does get votes, however.

I can't fathom anyone would agree with that kind of thinking. Isn't the whole idea to protect our people and preserve the U.S.? Maybe I read the Constitution wrong. But I don't remember reading anything about sanctuary cities either. Obey the law.

Immigrant labor


WATERLOO -- I have a dream. I'm forced to compete against illegal immigrant labor. I have a dream of working in a fair and competitive market.

There will be one person who has a green card or a girlfriend that's legal to fill out a 1099. Then they subcontract from contractors mainly in the roofing and drywall industry. Most residential roofs and drywall in new houses are done with illegal labor. They work cheaper and can come up from Des Moines with a dozen workers to a job. You can't compete against that.

Liberals like Helen Duncan (letter Feb. 7) think work wouldn't get done without illegal labor. The truth is they are lowering wages for low-skill, low-wage workers.

Law enforcement doesn't do anything about it. Not long ago there was an illegal with a conviction of a violent felony and previously deported caught shoplifting three times in a couple of weeks in Waterloo. They let him go twice and only detained him the third time.

Editor's Note: The author is referring to a 2016 case concerning Manuel Sanchez-Rojas, a native of Mexico, who was removed from the country five times and had a history of crimes in California and Illinois before he came to Iowa. The Courier detailed the case in a June 15, 2016, story.

School safety


CEDAR FALLS -- Yes, let us arm our teachers. Arm them not with guns but with more school psychologists, more counselors, more social workers and smaller classes so they can get to know each and every student.

It has been a couple of decades since I was in the classroom. I come from a long line of teachers, and I have two daughters involved in education -- one is a high school principal and one a college professor.

I have two grandsons in the public schools. I fear for their safety every day. The students and parents from Stoneman, Sandy Hook and Columbine made emotional pleas to the president and Congress to take action on violence in our schools. The Stonemen students are asking for their right to be educated in a safe school environment. Mr. President, listen to them and support them. Appropriate more funds for school safety.

Speed kills


WASHBURN -- Part of the Quote of the Week in the Feb. 18 Courier by Walt Rogers says, "You know me, I don't like traffic cameras."

Why, Walt? Speed kills! People are not victims of traffic cameras. People make the choice to drive over the speed limit. It's absolutely their own doing. No one would be paying a traffic fine unless they chose to break the traffic laws.

Choose to obey the traffic laws or work to change them. Don't take them into your own hands, and then complain that you are a "victim." You are not, except by your own choice. Remember, driving is a privilege, not a right.


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