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Election thanks


EVANSDALE — Elections are over, and I want to thank all the citizens of Black Hawk County for electing me to another four years. I promise to listen and continue the fight for my constituents who feel they have no voice. I love working for the people of Black Hawk County and making this a better place to live; we’ve accomplished a lot over the last 12 years.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Mr. Frank Magsamen for his leadership and dedication to the citizens for the past 12 years and his 39 years as a fireman, chief and Emergency Management Agency director. Love you, brother; you have a heart for service; all the best in all you will continue to do. You will be missed in your many roles.

SNAP benefits


WATERLOO — Answering “Why not work?” Bob Kaiser (Nov. 27), the good Lord also helps those who cannot help themselves.

Many SNAP recipients can’t access garden space; SNAP covers food seeds and plants, and many who can garden do.

Most SNAP recipients live miles from stores; many who can walk, do, to work or class, too.

A goodly number of families benefiting from summer kids’ lunch programs have one or two honest, hard-working, underpaid parents, so, yeah, with feeding the kids somewhat covered they may try covering other expenses.

Companies are hungering for labor, but most openings require special skills, training beyond the reach of many people, every job they could do already filled. Like to help them train?

Some haven’t the mobility or mental capacity to work no matter how harshly your kind dries their funding. You seem to think: a) all recipient families have two parents as blessed and capable as yourself, and b) if they’re in one program they’re in them all. You judge they’ve deliberately chosen to live that way, never wanting to better themselves.

Ignorant beliefs, but very effective in justifying heartless, un-Christ-like attitudes like yours, pushing tolerance of poverty in the midst of plenty.

Greenhill Road


CEDAR FALLS — I called it over a year ago. I know, not really that intuitive, but at least I have a firm grasp of stupidity. Cedar Falls leaders effectively screwed up University Avenue, diverting traffic to Rainbow Drive and Greenhill Road.

Now they’re intent on screwing up Greenhill — can’t/won’t leave well enough alone.

Climate change


CEDAR FALLS — Cal Thomas appears to doubt climate change. He should talk to people from Greenland, Marshall Islands, Mumbai, India, Jakarta, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Even in the United States. He appears a lot like the apostle Thomas.

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