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Downtown bridge


WATERLOO — Regarding Waterloo “putting the shine” on the downtown pedestrian bridge: I hope that same enthusiasm is there to maintain it (read, regular preventive maintenance) in the coming years and decades. I watched the old walkway deteriorate year after year, decade after decade, from neglect, earning it’s well deserved title “worlds largest urinal.”

Let’s hope this time is different.

Gun control


REINBECK — I couldn’t have said it better: “I don’t wanna hear another word about gun control from the crowd who just allowed an illegal alien, and a felon in possession of a gun, to walk.” (on Twitter by LeahRBoss)

Stolen sign


CEDAR FALLS — To the person(s) who stole my yard sign and rainbow flag on or about Dec. 4: You are a thief. You have trespassed on my property. You have violated my free speech rights in doing so. You are a coward, unwilling to engage in an actual exchange of ideas. How much more unAmerican can you be?

You will not silence me through these kinds of actions. I will keep “speaking” out. And, people like me are going to get louder. Watch us!

Open letter


CEDAR FALLS — An open letter to Senators Grassley and Ernst and Representative Blum: How could you sell out so many of us by your tax bill votes? If you can’t speak straight out, citizen to citizen, I don’t want to hear from you. I don’t ask these questions rhetorically. I ask you each question specifically, on its own.

What did you accomplish?

What did you gain?

What did you defend?

Whom did you defend?

Are you so wealthy you neither feel nor understand how the rest of us live?

Are you so beholden to wealth you must ignore how things work for most of us?

Do you see how the United States is becoming increasingly, and more openly, oligarchic?

I know if you answer it won’t be clearly and on point, but in broad generalities. The only things you can invoke are: trickle-down, big business, big donors, the party and other alliances that compromise my future and assure yours, and assure the future of the wealthy. And those things don’t speak to me. But the details of the bill speak volumes.

Working people


CEDAR FALLS — Senator Grassley let his impression of the hard-working people, whose taxes pay his wages, be known. According to him, they spend their money on booze, women and movies instead of investing it. Years ago, I worked as an activity assistant at a retirement home. A young woman working in the kitchen was expecting a baby. A collection was taken to buy a crib. One of the residents, a successful Realtor’s wife, said that wouldn’t be necessary if the woman saved some of her money.

When it takes every penny to make ends meet month after month, there is no money left to save. As a retired teacher, when my children were growing up, I was in that situation. Our elected officials need to get out among the working people to see how it is to spend hours in a laundry, kitchen, manufacturing plant, hospital, nursing home, etc. Then they should have to live on those wages for a year without assistance of any kind.

Some people are poor money managers, but don’t throw everyone under the bus, Mr. Grassley, to justify the arrogance and greed of many in the Republican Party.


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