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Lost trees


CEDAR FALLS -- A number of years ago, while my granddaughter from Texas and I were driving in the neighborhood, she looked at me and said, “Papa Jon, you live in a forest.” Certainly, compared to the plains of North Texas it must have seemed that way to her. I was reminded of that conversation this morning as I watched yet another of our neighborhood trees fall to the threat of the ash borer.

This letter is meant to start what I would like to call an unofficial “tree roots” movement to preserve our urban forest.

Please, if you lose one, replace one. Or maybe even replace two.

If we could all make this pledge then maybe, just maybe, my great granddaughter will still be able to say, “Gpapa Jon, you live in a forest.”

Emma Gonzalez


ELDORA -- I hear and read of Emma Gonzalez's plight and wonder about the education she received in Florida, and why and when she, her parents, grandparents or great-grand parents came to the United States. Darby Harn stated, in a letter to you, that Rep. Steve King is a bigot. I say he spoke the truth in regards to Miss Gonzalez. If she was born here (U.S.) her heritage is American. Her ethnic background may be Cuban. Gonzalez proudly displays the Cuban flag.

My mother is Mexican, born and raised in Nebraska. My father is German, born and raised in Iowa. I was born and raised in Iowa. You now know my ethnic background. My heritage is American, via Iowa. I do not display a Mexican or German flag. I proudly display the Iowa and U.S. flags.

I kindly ask Gonzalez and Darby Harn to not tread on me. I will defend my state and my country with all my might. We know Miss Gonzalez will not. Will you, Darby Harn? One must remain forever vigilant in pursuit of liberty and freedom.

Trump and DACA


CEDAR FALLS -- The Trump regime rambles on about DACA. I have a question for the Trump minions.

Did you know the Trump family has roots in Germany and his grandfather, whose last name was Drumpf, immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 16. So why was it OK for Trump's ancestors to immigrate but he is so opposed to granting citizenship to others whose ancestors were from another country?

He needs to go back to his roots in Germany and tweet away from there. See how much freedom he has there to act so wildly. I do not need him ruining my country any more than he already has. Good riddance.

Autism awareness


EVANSDALE -- April is Autism Awareness Month. Through no fault of their own, people who are on the autism spectrum start out with a variety of challenges -- some cognitive, some social, some because of lack of understanding by others. God bless EDI, The Homestead, special needs teachers, parents and all who support, love and appreciate people with autism.

Through their innocence and laughter, people with autism bless and teach us about what is really important in life. If you know of a person who has autism, give them a special hug and attention today. Give their caretakers a hug too.


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