Backs ACA


CEDAR FALLS — Medicare for all will not work in the United States because it denies the premise that makes the Affordable Care Act work. The ACA acknowledges that for any program to work, it has to involve the government (the social component) and the private (the capitalist component). The ACA is growing in popularity because of the nature and extent of care it provides. The ACA works because some of the costs are paid by the government and some by the private sector. For those who cannot afford it, the government pays the cost. For those who can afford it, the private sector pays the cost. When individuals have coverage and can receive care in the early stages of a health problem, the overall cost to society is less.

Medicare for all cannot do what the ACA does. The government cannot pay for the entire cost of the health care. Government programs are vulnerable to budget cuts which is the way that social programs have been attacked over the years. They are vulnerable to reductions in what is covered. Pre-existing conditions are one example of what was not covered before the ACA was enacted. A lifetime cap on benefits is another.

Mueller report


CEDAR FALLS — Someone breaks into your garage, rolls your wheelbarrow out with your compressor in it, so you call the police. You don’t write the (highly) suspected burglar a letter requesting them back. That is the approach Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is taking with Donald Trump, with his out-in-the-open crimes. Pelosi said in a Washington Post interview, “it’s not worth it,” to impeach Trump.

Trump handpicked Attorney General William Barr to obstruct justice by holding and obfuscating Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia and Trump associates’ report. The Democrats are under the delusion that rule of law and checks and balances exist, and say impeachment would “divide the country,” the Senate would never convict, and there’s an election coming. Americans have a right to know the extent of the crimes, and we’re not getting the whole story from the mainstream media. Not fake news, but not complete news.

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If impeachment is not implemented Trump will say, “I wasn’t impeached so I’m innocent.” The Democrats will lose any fence sitters and millions of young voters, and we’ll be stuck with four more years of kleptocratic, autocratic authoritarianism.

Pelosi is the little train that couldn’t.

Trump reaction


WAVERLY — President Trump is showing his true colors: a wimp who tries to get his underlings to do his dirty work (obstruction of justice) and a cry baby moaning, “I’m (expletive deleted)” and “My presidency is over.”

And now he reads Mueller’s report as finding no collusion or obstruction of justice. Isn’t asking employees to obstruct justice, obstruction on his part?

Semantics? Of course we already knew he can’t read.

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