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Double standard


CEDAR FALLS — The fallout from Roseanne Barr’s inappropriate tweet was swift and severe. ABC almost immediately canceled her show, one of the highest rated on network TV. The indignant coverage by the mainstream media continues. Where is the indignation over Samantha Bee’s disgusting name-calling of Ivanka Trump? A wife, mother and daughter who has never been anything but classy. Will TBS cancel her show — the very show on which she used the revolting term? Just imagine if a conservative comic had used such a term to describe Chelsea Clinton or one of the Obama daughters. Said comic would likely never work in this country again. And they say there isn’t a double standard — really? If you haven’t heard what happened, you may need to check somewhere other than the mainstream media for your news updates.

Tax cut


WATERLOO — Thanks to Gov. Kim Reynolds and the Republicans for the massive tax cut.

The tax cut passed this session is a real windfall for me. The savings of between $18 and $182 a year.

As Senator Grassley claims, if you give poor or lower middle class money they will spend it on junk food or video games. Rather than spending my windfall reasonably, to prove Senator Grassley to be the genius he thinks he is, I will try to buy one extra beer a week!



WATERLOO — Congressman Rod Blum can’t be trusted, that is very clear. Blum lied to the House Ethics Committee by not disclosing his secret business Tin Moon. Now why would he try and hide this business? Tin Moon hides FDA violations from your internet searches. Why on earth does Rod Blum own a company that hides potentially fatal information from the public? It is because it is better for him to make a buck than for you and your children to be safe. How many other hidden businesses does Blum have?

I just have so many questions because Blum is excellent at hiding and lying. For over a year now Blum has refused to hold public meetings and only shows up to photo-ops with handpicked guests. I can’t wait to see Rod Blum repealed and replaced from Congress so that I can have a representative who doesn’t hide from and lie to his constituents.



WATERLOO — I am wondering why our ex-governor has not done more concerning possible tariffs on Iowa farm products. I know Terry Branstad was appointed ambassador to China, and I thought he would be standing up to Trump regarding tariffs on Iowa farm products. Being an ex-governor of our great state, I would think this would be a priority for him. I also do not understand why the other Republican representatives and senators are not livid about this possibility.

I am sure Trump is very difficult to deal with, but it seems someone should be able to make him understand the devastating effects these tariffs would present to not only Iowa but the rest of the United States. Trump needs to remember the farmers helped him win this “so-called, scam” election.


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