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Congress’ performance


WATERLOO — The U.S. Congress has had 200-plus years to establish, refine and implement the processes and rules for establishment of, and adherence to, a fiscally-sound annual budget. It has had the same duration to establish, refine and implement laws and processes for managing our borders. Repeatedly, it has failed miserably at both of these most fundamental of responsibilities. In politicos’ quest of drama, greed and power, “party agenda” too often takes precedence over citizenry.

The only government employees to have wages/benefits suspended during any “shutdown” are the 500-plus congressional politicos (Grassley excluded) that a disappointingly disengaged public continues to elect, and worse, re-elect. Need more reason to demand term limits? Taxpayers desperately need fresh, vetted representation and term limits.

These telling examples of congressional ineptitudes provide abundant, justifiable and inarguable logic for never entrusting our health care to the D.C. swamp. You do remember what Congress did to/with our Social Security Trust Fund, eh?

In 2019, please engage with your representatives, expect vastly better accountability, performance and results. And vote more wisely down the road.

Sound off


WATERLOO — How many of you know what the Social Security cap is? Let me inform you. After someone earns around $132,000 they no longer have to pay a cent into Social Security. Google it. I don’t hear Hollywood liberals complaining about how unfair this is. The NFL guys don’t take a knee in protest now, do they? No, all the people who make tens of millions only have to pay in around $10,000 a year in FICA.

Let’s put it into numbers. Take athlete A. He makes $15 million a year. He pays in around $10K into the fund they will draw from. Now if that cap was gone, they’d pay in around $1.1 million. Sounds like a lot, but that is the same sting that all you people paying into FICA each week feel.

People, you can sit back and eat what’s served or you can start writing letters to the editors. I think it’s wrong that people are forced into jury duty and yet, they will not give you a simple parking pass. Write the editor and put pressure on the Board of Supervisors. You don’t have to live with people bringing pets in restaurants as a service dog. Write!

We are against


WAVERLY — For more than two years many of us who are critical of Trump have been accused of being anti-Trump. The implication being that we are against Trump just because he is Trump. Not true.

We are not against Trump, we are against: (1) lying (2) narcissism (3) stupid (4) racism (5) criminals (6) bullying (7) cheating (8) degradation of people (9) selfishness (10) weakening our country (11) making Russia stronger (12) mistreating our allies (13) creating divisiveness (14) mistreating women (15) arrogance (16) weakening freedom of the press (17) aliteracy (18) adults acting like kids (19) poor manners (20) emotional immaturity (21) lack of empathy (22) favoring the wealthy at the expense of others (23) bringing your family into your criminal world (24) deception (25) braggadocio (26) bribery (27) economic recklessness (28) weakening environmental laws (29) ignorance (30) etc.

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