Race relations


WEST UNION — I have been watching and observing the “sudden” concern about all the racism that exists in Waterloo-Cedar Falls. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that what is being said is true. Blacks are exploited, which means us whites are doing the exploiting.

Let’s together do something about it. My best friends in life have been black. Start respecting people as human beings and the problem would be solved. I love Ron Steele and KWWL and how they are addressing the issue. It has been there since I moved to Iowa in 1970, and still is an ugly cancer on our Iowa reputation as a home to all. Time to grow up.

The border


GREENE — Why is it the United States has to allow Mexico’s citizens into our country? They are Mexico’s problems, not ours. Closing the border seems the right thing to do. And, why am I not allowed to take a fingernail clipper aboard an aircraft, but we can allow hundreds and thousands of Mexicans to enter our country and we cannot even look into and search whatever they are carrying into our country?

Do you see something wrong here? To the parents of the children who become separated from the rest of the family, I offer this advice: If you do not want to be separated from your family when you cross our border illegally, then don’t cross our border.

Land steward

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ELGIN — Living in Northeast Iowa, we are blessed with diversified landscape. We live in the hills, the prairie and down in the valleys. This land that was created for us is beautiful.

Most farmers work to be good stewards of the land. With crop prices lower, as we’re in the fifth year of a downturned ag economy, farmers surely can’t afford to over fertilize their land but use enough for a decent crop. Today, farmers are using practices like no-till or minimum-till to control erosion and leaving a lot of ground cover to leave the soil in place.

On my farm, I put terraces in some of the more erodible land that has saved tons of topsoil from entering the river and streams. Along with minimum tillage practices to help conserve soil, I also use strip-crop management. A buffer of grass and timber protects the water that may be affected by the runoff from my farm.

As stewards of the land, we can all do more to preserve water quality. I encourage my peers to research and find the most feasible practices for water quality you can find for your farms, so we can work together to protect our land.

Pending legislation


SUMNER — Ag-gag laws are a real example of our lawmakers selling their souls (and the animals) to big money/big business. They legislate favorably to the places where their election money comes from, and that money doesn’t come from the animal rights activists. The animal ag people don’t want anyone doing video behind their closed doors.

In another matter, the state could and should set up their own speed enforcement cameras along every state highway, and they’d have more money than they know what to do with.

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