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City Council


WATERLOO -- The Waterloo City Council has devolved into complete dysfunction. Regarding the sale of the events center, Councilman (Tom) Lind finds it necessary to file a request under the Iowa Open Records law to obtain emails from the same City Council upon which he serves. It boggles the mind the City Council demonstrates such little cooperation Lind feels this is a normal recourse. Additionally, Councilman (Bruce) Jacobs should disclose exactly what he has done during this sale. Television reporting and news articles paint his involvement as suspect at best. I would like to hear from my representative and have him explain his actions.

In the Aug. 23 Courier, Tim Jamison stated he reached out to Jacobs for comment but had not received one. When Jacobs started his term, he was responsive to emails and open to dialogue. In the past six weeks or so my emails to him have also gone unanswered.

Climate change


JESUP -- As Rep. (Rod) Blum and others have noted, Earth’s climate has fluctuated and has been as warm as or warmer than it is now, so how is the current warming any different? Past warmings were caused by either well understood variations in Earth’s orbit around the sun and/or wobbles in Earth’s tilt or by emissions of carbon dioxide and methane, usually from widespread volcanism.

Today’s temperature rise comes at a time when the cycles in Earth’s orbit and tilt should not be causing a global warming, and there is no widespread volcanism. Man’s activities are causing the warming.

Also, in the past most global warming was gradual, taking thousands of years. This gave the animals and plants time to adapt. When the Earth did warm quickly, the events were almost always highly destructive for life. Sometimes there were mass extinctions, such as at the end of the Permian geologic period when 96 percent of marine species and 70 percent of land vertebrate species went extinct. According to online information from NASA, the current warming is 20 times faster than the warming caused by natural cycles. It is similar to past rapid, disruptive warming events. This should give us cause for concern.

Gore's prediction


CEDAR FALLS -- This is for all the people who've said, "Al Gore's an idiot."

You probably didn't see his presentation on CNN a few weeks ago where he said warming waters of the Gulf of Mexico were going to lead to more severe storms.

Low wages

The Rev. George Karnik

WATERLOO -- As you celebrate Labor Day this weekend, did you take some time to think about its meaning and application to life today? Did you identify with the millions of people in our country trying to live on $7.25 an hour, even with the two jobs they are working?

It is incomprehensible to me how a group of state legislators with any sense of justice could pass the law they did. To forbid wages be raised above $7.25 is an injustice that defies belief.

As I interview people for the "Bridges Out of Poverty" program, it is heart-wrenching to hear their situation. Even if they have a part-time job at $7.25, the struggle to simply buy some food is distressing.

Contact your state legislators and demand when they gather in Des Moines in January they right this wrong they inflicted on the poor and laboring people of Iowa.


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