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National debt


CEDAR FALLS — As our nation’s “leaders” on both sides of the aisle continue to play with Monopoly money and raise our debt “ceiling” (as if there is a ceiling) to more than $20 trillion, it’s time the American people take the responsibility into our own hands so we don’t leave future generations the burden of taxing themselves into oblivion. A referendum on a national 1 percent sales tax on non-food items for the sole purpose of paying down the debt would, if passed, go a long way in reducing that burden.

We would all pay for it proportionally to our spending habits. States could not raise their sales tax during that time frame and the national tax could not be brought up for a vote again for 50 years. It’s not a perfect solution, but one that could lead our nation back to some sort of fiscal sanity. Our kids and grandkids would not be burdened with a debt they did not create. Let’s work together as the American people to accomplish something those trying to “lead” us can only dream of.



WATERLOO — “Planned Parenthood stands against white supremacy and racism,” read a tweet from that organization on the day of the Charlottesville violence. That’s rich, coming as it did from an outfit which rips hundreds of thousands of black infants from their mothers’ wombs every year under the guise of “women’s health.” Planned Parenthood kills more black lives by abortion each year than the KKK has killed in its entire history. Who says “black lives matter?”

Margaret Sanger, white supremacist and Planned Parenthood founder, proudly spoke before a women’s gathering of the Ku Klux Klan, and it wasn’t about “reproductive freedom” for black women. She developed “The Negro Project” hoping to inject the birth control mentality into black culture, thereby reducing black births. Yet Planned Parenthood enjoys positive media coverage in spite of its racist past. Who says “ black lives matter?”

This very day, predominantly white-owned, white-managed and white-staffed Planned Parenthood clinics will kill hundreds of black pre-born babies for filthy money. Talk about white privilege! How are Confederate statues more threatening to the black culture than the ongoing daily abortion bloodbath of one’s own sons and daughters? Tell me again: Who says “black lives matter?”

National anthem


WATERLOO — It saddens me when football players don’t stand for the national anthem. They have no respect for the fans and the military who died in the wars. Some of these players are self-centered and only care about themselves.

A lot of fans are staying away and not watching the games.

Pro sports


DUNKERTON — Whether a professional athlete stands for the national anthem is irrelevant. It is not illegal, and team owners are between a rock and a hard spot with respect to controlling this issue. The media will vilify them, and they are not going to kill the golden goose by taking on millionaire prima donnas and chance having them act out their grievances on the field.

It really becomes a free market issue. If enough people are alienated and decide to stop watching, attending games and purchasing team products, attitudes will change. The same goes for Hollywood actors and TV personalities who feel their fame gives them a right to use their positions of power to push their political agendas.

It is up to the public to decide whether they have had enough and vote for a change in attitude with their dollars. Then you will see real change. Don’t expect the NFL, NBA, MLB or any Hollywood studios to change their attitudes if you continue to line their coffers with cash. The public has to decide what is more important, professional entertainment or one’s values. Spend a few Sundays with your family or friends. There is life without pro sports.

Ring found


TULLOS, La. — A class ring from 1933 has turned up here in Louisiana. It has the initials LM and the emblem has a W with a banner underneath with OLVA (Our Lady of Victory Academy). Google says OLVA HS was closed in about 1959. I assume the W is for Waterloo. One site showed there was a 1933 class for the school. It is not likely the original owner is still around, but her family may be interested in the ring. I am assuming the owner was female due to the small size of the ring. Contact us here in Louisiana if you have any information.

National anthem


HAMPTON — Taking a knee during the national anthem doesn’t take much effort, conviction or sacrifice. All it takes is selfishness. What exactly do the NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem expect to accomplish? How will their silent protests produce a positive outcome — one that brings Americans together and restores pride in being an American? More importantly, how many of them have taken time to attend city council meetings and organize peaceful rallies to promote positive race relations?

Taking a knee during the national anthem is a cheap and selfish act, because it only calls attention to the person kneeling, not to the problem/issue he purportedly feels so strongly about. True courage and commitment are best shown once the player stands up and puts his beliefs into action.

NFL gesture


NASHUA — What started out as a heartfelt, I think, but misguided gesture has turned into a political storm. In their response to the president’s ridiculous Twitter comment, the owners and players have been disingenuous at best. If they really cared about the folks they have professed to support they would take a leaf from the Kurt Warner’s playbook and would be spending huge sums of their own money to help those people with education, food and job services as well as business loans.

None of those things is the sole responsibility of the government. Also Mr. Kaepernick would have been hired and now be playing. I am willing to bet a survey of those very people would indicate zero feeling of common ground with the NFL players and owners. They, like most Americans, would see these gestures as negative toward the anthem and flag that represent our country instead of any feeling of kinship and thanks.

Box scores


WATERLOO — We recently moved to the area and began subscribing to the local newspaper almost immediately. We are ardent Major League Baseball fans, and I personally have relied on the local paper to pore over the daily major league box scores for every team since childhood.

I was surprised and disappointed when it became apparent that according to The Courier, there are only six teams in all of Major League Baseball (according to the daily box scores published in the paper). Is this a business [e.g. lack of space] decision on the part of management?

Editor’s Note: We were one of the last newspapers our size to give up our Major League box scores. Several factors went into that decision. The primary reason we no longer run them all is because of the amount of space they require, which increased significantly when we outsourced our page production to a regional design center. The second reason is because MLB information is readily available through many other forms of media and fewer readers actually relied on us for that content. We believe our resources are best spent providing local and area content that readers cannot find through other media outlets.


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