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City projects


WATERLOO — Over the last couple of years, developers who seem to be “more hat than cattle” have left Waterloo with abandoned projects from one side of town to the other. Who in city government screens these “moguls?”

Here is a suggestion: Let the people of Waterloo form their own development group. If anybody knows what the city needs it would be the taxpayers who live here. There is money out there for worthwhile projects. Let’s get it and create a city that people can point to with even greater pride.

Letter responses


REINBECK — In response to Pat Van Duken’s Nov. 11 letter depicting “sick, scared and hungry” refugees, they are actually on their way to batter down our gates (as they did Mexico’s), after most turned down Mexico on their offer of asylum, shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs.

The caravan consists of 90-95 percent young men. Where are their families? Did they leave them to suffer that from which they themselves claim to be seeking refuge? Van Duken said “What would Jesus do?” Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy. Hell has open borders. What does that indicate?

Responding to Catherine Brown (same day): the Electoral College will never be “passe.” Research the reason for it. Iowa (having lower population) would have no representation if not for the Electoral College. The states with big cities would be calling all the shots. The Founders’ idea remains genius. Trump won 2,623 counties and Clinton won only 489 counties, according to Leip’s “Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections.” The vast majority of Clinton votes came from California, New York, Chicago and Florida. She came nowhere near Trump in votes throughout the rest of the country.

Cedar Falls High


CEDAR FALLS — High school students in the Cedar Falls District deserve to have the best facility that we can provide. However, it seems the only option being discussed is constructing a new building. So many buildings today end up turning into extravagant palaces without concern for costs or the citizen taxpayers who must pay for them.

I have a logical suggestion to make regarding a new high school for Cedar Falls. Buy or lease the current College Square Mall on University Avenue. The mall’s tenants have departed at an alarming rate over the past several years, and the building is mostly empty now as a result. The mall location is an excellent property on one floor, with ample room for classrooms, band and athletic facilities, and storage. The new roundabout road construction is completed and makes access to the mall area much better now. Yes, it will require some extensive remodeling to provide a school environment. However, I cannot believe it would exceed the costs of constructing a new building. Completion would be faster than a new building. The proposed site west of Cedar Falls is a poor location, because it is not centrally located and would cost too much.

War equipment


WATERLOO —- The aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford recently was commissioned to replace Enterprise. There already are 10 Nimitz class carriers costing $4.5 billion each, according to Wikepedia. The Ford class carriers cost $12.9 billion each.

I have nothing against carriers, but the cost is obscene. I served on Enterprise, Oriskany, and Roosevelt, but I think they will be worthless is a full-scale technological challenge. The question then is $12 billion worth a show of force and aircraft in a conventional war? As a Navy veteran, carriers are impressive and useful in conventional wars, but as a taxpayer they have become an obscene waste of money.

Mitch McConnell, the ultra partisan, is demanding Social Security and Medicare will need cutbacks. These are not entitlements; they are programs I paid into. My Social Security money is being squandered on ultra expensive war equipment that has a limited use. We must stop squandering money on expensive military wizbang systems.

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