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Climate change


JESUP — In his Oct. 21 Courier column, Dennis Clayson wrote against the politicization of science. I totally agree. We must work for nonpartisan solutions to climate change. That is why I support ConservAmerica, a nonpartisan organization that creates new solutions to environmental issues. It program to address climate change is the “No Regrets Energy Policy.”

This policy calls for the elimination of all federal taxes on revenues earned by zero emissions energy sources. If implemented, energy bills across America would be cut significantly, and nonfossil sources would be given a competitive advantage. To compensate for this loss of tax revenue, the No Regrets Energy Policy also calls for eliminating most of the current $20 billion in federal subsidies given the energy industry. Subsidies would be continued for next-generation research and development.

Currently, proposals to combat climate change emphasize taxing carbon emissions, but as The Courier editorial of Oct. 24 concludes, this proposal will never pass Congress. Congress should try a different approach that reduces electrical rates and uses the market place to curb carbon dioxide emissions. As this excellent editorial points out, there is no time to waste. Let’s get started with a new innovative solution.

Women’s votes


SUMNER — I hope there are enough free-minded women to vote this election. All throughout history, radical religious extremists have forced their archaic and oppressive standards into law and onto everyone else. The RREs are jealous of anyone who exercises free choice in personal and private bodily affairs. If they had their way, they’d give us mandatory church attendance and tithing, and they’d execute all the vegetarians and animal rights activists.

I hope women get organized even better to regain their full rights back from this latest attack by the RREs.



WATERLOO — The current administration in Washington (and their ardent followers) continues to take credit for the nation’s current unemployment rate of 3.7 percent. And they crow about this repeatedly during the current pre-election campaigns around the country.

What they conveniently fail to mention is that: a) The rate has fallen by a mere 1 percent since the current leadership took office; and b) The unemployment rate under the previous administration fell from a high-water mark of 10.0 percent in October 2009 (attributed to the 2008 recession and the finance industry’s meltdown under the Bush administration) to 4.8 percent in January 2017 (the final month of the Obama administration).

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