Dog tag


WATERLOO — To the person(s) who sent Luvie’s dog tag to us, we’d like to thank you. It was lost early last year. If ever you see a guy with a yellow lab and black and white Springer spaniel at the lake, please come say hi and let me thank you in person. I may even have a soda or beer for you. With all the negative things going on in our country right now, you’ve shown me there are still decent people in this world. It wasn’t expensive, but it was her first tag and has sentimental value. Thank you again.

What happened?


WATERLOO — JFK inspirationally remarked, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” He later suggested, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democrat answer, but the right answer. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” JFK, a brilliant, articulate and inspirational leader. What happened to his political party?

To clarify for Biden, Harris, Sanders and their like-panderers and their very gullible sheep in tow: U.S. taxpayers are expressly not responsible for paying for an unknown’s education, health care, housing or anything else for that matter, including Wang’s “national income guaranty.” The desperate left, all gussied in their Claus suits, offers no solutions to the obvious concerns, largely created by the D.C. political cesspool — just more “pseudo free stuff’.

Taxpayers for generations to come would be well served to review JFK’s and MLK’s doctrines — and adapt immediately. They, theirs and their country would benefit immediately. Too bad these doctrines are not universally taught.

God bless our military families this Memorial Day.

No to bond vote


CEDAR FALLS —- Carney, Alexander, Marold & Co. L.L.P. audited the Cedar Falls Community School District for the year ending June 30, 2017, and submitted the audit report Jan. 5, 2018. Their 10-year summary revealed a deficit of $38 million over the previous 10 years. Cedar Falls Community School District liabilities included existing bond indebtedness of $66 million, an IPERs pension liability of $29 million and an OPEB obligation of $1 million. They had $79 million in net capital assets. Now they need a $70 million bond plus around $25 million interest, and $43 million cash for a new high school. How far dare they go in debt? The high school students (including my son) are excelling in the “old” building. The Cedar Falls School administrator and board are skillful at spending other people’s money and coveting other school district’s buildings. Wait a few years.

Vote no for the Cedar Falls High School bond referendum.

Birth control


SUMNER — Thanks to everyone for their letters about climate change, global warming, species extinction and pro-Planned Parenthood. Columnist Kathleen Parker was brave to mention the “exploding world human population,” which is the root cause of the above. One person today does more pollution and environmental damage than 100 people did 100 years ago, but the religionists and Republicans won’t admit it because they don’t want to admit human birth control is necessary.

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Big government


CEDAR FALLS — In his opinion column May 12, Saul Shapiro uses the liberal tactic of a few examples to try and create a fact. In reality, the most likely reason people are turning to socialism is the lack of the knowledge of capitalism as the creator of economic prosperity. Given the history of business practices of the late 19th and early 20th century it is doubtful any objective person would believe the majority of corporations or wealthy industrialists created a model for labor relations. However, they did create the economic progress that eventually drove the United States to economic prosperity. They also did what the wealthy do today: They gave vast amounts of money to worthy causes all around the United States and the world.

It is difficult to believe the “rich” are less compassionate today. There are studies that report “rich Republicans” donate more to charity than any other segment of society. Also, much of the lack of corporate benefits and pensions can be attributed to the continual interference and regulation by the federal government. Big government is the problem, not the solution. Socialism is just another term for big intrusive government.

Letter response


WAVERLY — How disappointing to read the Erinn Crane letter “Women’s Health” in the May 19 Courier in which Planned Parenthood was extolled to have been such a wonderful boon to women’s health. My generation failed miserably if this is an example of what schools of nursing and the Catholic church are teaching this generation, and I fervently hope this is not the case.

Nurses of all people know life is precious and starts at conception, and the Catholic church teaches all life is from God, the Creator and abortion is an abomination.

The reason the number of abortions is down is because Planned Parenthood clinics have been closing all over the country and few doctors find satisfaction in killing unborn children. Abortion is not health care.

The legality of abortion is quite questionable since it has not been put to a vote in either the House or the Senate nor signed into law by the president but was foisted on the country by the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Pro-life petition


WATERLOO — Following is the substance of a petition addressed to members of the Iowa Legislature, which I have signed and returned to Iowa Pro-Life Action:

“Whereas, nearly 4,500 unborn babies have their lives violently snuffed out by the barbaric practice of abortion in Iowa every year; and in the horrific Roe v. Wade ruling itself, the Supreme Court noted that if life was ever declared to begin at conception, then unborn babies must be protected by the U.S. Constitution; and if passed, the Iowa Life-at-Conception Act would legally recognize that life begins at conception and finally put an end to abortion in Iowa; and it’s time self-proclaimed pro-life members of the General Assembly do more than just campaign on putting an end to abortion; therefore, I urge you to end the horror of abortion by cosponsoring and seeking roll-call votes on the Iowa Life-at-Conception Act.

I included a donation to Iowa Pro-Life Action in Urbandale.

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