Her money


WATERLOO — Why do I have to pay state and federal tax when I work for my money, and why do I have to support people who do not want to work?

I should be able to keep every penny I make and not have to support people who don’t want to work. I would pay 10% for security of our country, but not giving it to other countries like Israel.

Child abuse


GRUNDY CENTER — After reading Sunday Courier April 28, about the Chad Little trial, “Neighbors: Girl’s life was chaotic,” I was enraged. But the real sad situation is what I read in the article. Neighbors and friends recount commonplace abuse to 4-year-old Gracie Buss, but the article failed to mention if anyone did anything to help the innocent toddler. I’m praying those witnessing the abuse called (the Department of Human Services) and the police. But then, my questions are still unanswered as to why Gracie was allowed to stay in this home?

Is our society so busy we are turning our backs on the innocent who have no voice? Children, animals and the elderly need everyone’s help, and if you see or hear something that you would say to yourself, “I was looking, like why would you pick her up like that? It clearly looked like she didn’t want to ride the bike or be with him,” as one witnesses said, please make a call to authorities. Please don’t let one more innocent life suffer the way Gracie did.



LA PORTE CITY — After finishing cleaning the ditches around my residence it occurred to me how a lot of people on their own time clean rivers and streams and around their neighborhoods.

I don’t understand why people can’t wait till they get home to put their trash in the garbage or the recyclable. Then I realized they’re lazy.




INDEPENDENCE — As a nation we have striven to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If we truly reach that ideal then we will have universal health care, the NRA will no longer be allowed to dictate policy to our Congress and the environmental crisis will begin receiving the attention it demands.

Instead we have a contingent of far-right zealots who believe it is their duty to vilify anyone who does not agree with their rigid ideology. To their way of thinking, anyone who does not agree with them is unAmerican and just plain evil. The most frightening thing of all is the fact that the Republican politicians have almost unanimously forsaken democracy in deference to their new master.

It is becoming increasingly evident the concept of democracy is in peril. Extreme right wing fanatics have initiated an inquisition. Many will be persecuted and this behavior will continue until the powers that be are satisfied they have purged the land of all political heretics. Honorable men and women, everywhere and at all times, must be prepared to stand fast against those forces that seek to drag mankind down to the stinking pit of hell.




WATERLOO — Now that the Mueller report has been released Trump is vindicated. That’s not quite what the report says. Several of Trump’s associates have been convicted of crimes. A sitting president cannot be indicted, so Mueller has presented his case and left it up to Congress to decide whether Trump should be impeached. Mueller has also suggested Trump could face criminal charges after leaving office.

It is well documented Don Trump Jr. had a meeting at Trump Tower with Russian officials who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. What if Chelsea Clinton had a meeting with Russian officials claiming to have dirt on Trump and Hillary Clinton had won the election? Does anyone think in that situation Trump would be saying Chelsea did nothing wrong and Hillary had won the election fair and square?

Kate Sm



DUNKERTON — The Courier has succumbed to the (political correctness) pressures which daily limit our ability to address issues without fear of being labeled or demonized. Kate Smith “Racist Singer,” (editorial reprinted from the Philadelphia Inquirer April 25), really? Ms. Smith cut her teeth entertaining World War I troops and came into her own in vaudeville, where political correctness was checked at the door and all nationalities were roasted.

If this is the new standard for being labeled racist, include Al Jolson (blackfaced in historic first talking film singing “Mammy!”). While at it, let’s put a black shroud over the Washington and Jefferson memorials. How long is it until they are also branded “racist” and banished to the cellar by PC revisionism.

During World War II, Smith sold more bonds than any other person or entertainer. About $10.2 billion in today’s dollars to defeat the greatest racist of all times. Her rousing rendition of “God Bless America” is a stirring tribute to the greatest country on earth. The latter-day demonization of Kate Smith is yet another symptom of our shrinking First Amendment rights.

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