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Calving season


TRAER — We farm in Tama County, raising corn, soybeans and cattle.

As calving season approaches, I believe it is welcomed by many to show new growth and life on the farm for another year. Of course with calving season comes the challenges of keeping newborn calves healthy, especially with the ever-changing weather in Iowa. One of the biggest struggles cattle producers face is keeping fresh bedding. Most commonly farmers use cornstalks or straw. Fresh bedding from the get go can eliminate many challenges with a calf’s health and keep it warm.

Another priority on our operation is to drench the naval of the fresh calves with iodine. This helps dry it up and decrease the risk of the calf picking up an illness. One of the main goals after the calf is born is to make sure the calf gets up and starts nursing. This is always a great sign to a farmer because it usually always means a promising outlook for calf.

There are many different ways farmers achieve these goals, but we all do it to make sure the calf is healthy and off to a great start.

Road clearing


WATERLOO — Thank you Waterloo and Cedar Falls street departments for maintaining/clearing the streets and roads. Nothing has been easy this winter.

Regarding Robert Siebrands’ letter March 4 complaining about street travel, perhaps you should consider remaining home until the spring thaw.

Health care

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HUDSON — Medicare for All sounds good, doesn’t it (except for paying for it)? Of course Medicare is a government “insurance” program which is currently for people with the “pre-existing condition” of old age! Government is a key word.

I have a friend from Canada who has lived under both U.S. (private insurance ) and the Canadian system of government health care. He made the observation that “health care will always be limited, either by availability in the Canadian system or cost in the U.S. system.”

Letter response


CEDAR FALLS — To Mr. Bill Kammeyer regarding Sen. Jeff Danielson (March 3 letter). You had your opinion, now let me give you mine.

Yours contains hatred, which we don’t want at the Statehouse.

I met Senator Danielson when he first ran for the Senate. I saw in him something so special. I couldn’t really say what it was, but I knew I wanted him representing me. I found Senator Danielson to be calm, smart, patient, considerate, caring individual who would rather work across the aisle to meet common ground than to get nothing accomplished. He doesn’t let his anger control him like your offensive and inaccurate opinion.

I would have to believe you have never worked in a team.

A team is concrete and where one goes, they all will go. He has been a mentor, friend and has provided me hope when much needed.

You fooled yourself because what you said will not be heard! They too can see the truth in him and the hatred in you.

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