Ramp wanted


CEDAR FALLS — The Cedar Falls City Council and Cedar Falls Planning/Zoning have responsibly planned for parking with each of the condo/apartment complexes in our downtown. Unfortunately, those buildings are located on many of the public parking areas.

Please consider your responsibility to the long-time residents who have supported and been encouraged to shop and dine in our Historic Downtown Cedar Falls. The East Third Street location would be a central, convenient location for a parking ramp to serve area residents as well as welcoming to out-of-town visitors.

I am a long-time taxpayer who treasures our history and enjoys downtown shops, restaurants and entertainment. I urge the Cedar Falls City Council and Planning/Zoning to consider growing downtown Cedar Falls for all of its residents.

Pelosi’s angels


WATERLOO — I must admit the women Democrats made a striking appearance dressed in white at the State of the Union Address. But they chose the wrong color. Let me explain.

When the president condemned late-term abortions, I didn’t see a single one of these women applaud. Their silence was a crying shame and a disgrace for “leaders” who are supposed to defend “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I guess that right is only for those lucky enough to survive the jeopardy of their own late-term gestation. Maybe supporting murder is all part of the process as these women court Pelosi’s favor. Which jester will be heir to Pelosi’s throne?

In the meanwhile, I think it would be appropriate for Pelosi’s “Angels of Death” to not wear white at their next gathering. Black would be more appropriate.

The wall


WAVERLY — For more than a year now, thousands of foreign children are still imprisoned in cages, elsewhere, or can no longer be located — brutally separated from their victimized parents. They are classified as invaders associated with mobsters and predators. According to our jittery president, they are a dire threat to our national security – hence, the need for a protective wall separating us from Latin Americans.

Walls like the Chinese and Hadrian’s were designed to impede military invasions. Is Mexico truly an authentic threat to the mightiest power on earth; or has the U.S. become so morally inept that it can no longer deal with the downtrodden and therefore, must seek the solace of a protective enclosure?

In spite of studies by informed professionals who unequivocally avow that no national security emergency exists, the president remains egotistically obdurate, concerned only with the pursuance of his contrived demagogic mythologies.

Insistence on separating walls represents one of the most inane diplomatic fronts as yet conceived – a gross insult to our Mexican neighbors with whom we have had close ties and equitable identities for more than a century. Unquestionably, an official apology for such deliberate malfeasance is ashamedly over due.

Devos visit


WATERLOO — Last week, Governor Reynolds, Republican Iowa legislators and Waterloo Superintendent Lindaman met privately with Betsy Devos, Education Secretary. It is no secret Devos wants a voucher system for education and passes it off as “giving us more freedom in education.” However, a voucher system would ensure our educational system would be run by private companies that would shape curriculum for their interests, suck money from the public educational system, and decimate public schools. Enrollment in the public system would decline resulting in less funding, and tax dollars would be diverted in a voucher system which should be used for public schools anyway.

It’s no mystery why Devos came to Iowa for this private meeting. Iowa has moved far to the right and the voucher system has been floated by our state government. Do we want to be an experiment for a voucher system? Or do we insist any funding to support a voucher system be used to fund our public system and the teachers and our children who deserve the best education we can give to them?

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I am going to vote to keep our public education system strong. Lindaman opposes the voucher system, and so should we.

Ag-law issue


ALDEN — The Iowa Legislature just showed its true colors by passing a new version of the ag-gag law. In spite of Iowa’s courts ruling the ag-gag law unconstitutional, they feel the need to bend over backwards and kowtow to the factory farm industry.

Legislators in Des Moines need to recognize that folks are sick and tired of the problems factory farms bring to our communities — polluted air and water, ruined roads, devalued property, and dying rural communities. But that’s why the Farm Bureau and factory farms want ag-gag — to try and keep us quiet.

It won’t work. Thousands of Iowans are calling for a moratorium on factory farms. And in the meantime, legislators and Governor Reynolds need to respect the court’s decision and stop carrying water for their big campaign donors by passing bills like ag-gag.

ACA anniversary


MANCHESTER — The anniversary of the Affordable Care Act is an important milestone in my health-care story. Having lived with a pre-existing condition, I know what it is like to not be insured because I simply could not afford to pay for the high costs associated with care. I am terrified about what might happen to my family if the provisions put in place to protect individuals like me are removed. As someone who works in the health-care industry and sees how this also impacts those with mental illness and special needs, I know I am not alone in saying the ACA saves lives.

Prior to the ACA, I was uninsured for seven years when I stopped working to care for our oldest child. Not having health care and not being able to afford doctor visits caused an emergency room visit in which I was diagnosed with insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes.

With health care, the symptoms could have been recognized much sooner resulting in earlier management of my condition. Also, the long term effects of not being diagnosed early on have had a significant impact on my health.

Standing ground


INDEPENDENCE — Trump rallies are very entertaining. There is no serious or constructive thought involved. There is something almost Pavlovian about it. Trumps says the same old thing and the audience gives their predetermined response in unison.

He has them well trained. They appear to be like children getting pleasure from being naughty. Some, I would guess, vicariously see themselves at the podium spewing out the rude and crude remarks for the crowd.

Is this the way of the future? We must stand our ground.

Individual rights


CEDAR FALLS — You can pretty much do as you please with your life as long as you don’t infringe on someone else’s rights. You can screw it up royally in a few minutes, or not.

Who are these people in D.C. that are telling us the way it’s going to be? If I want to own an airplane and can afford it, so be it. Some person in D.C. can’t tell you that you can’t fly wherever, and that I must take a train, unless they ground all planes; what food you eat or maybe even what religious service you attend.

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