Supervisors vote


JESUP -- Black Hawk County has a long tradition of multi-generational farm families. Farm families take pride in caring for the soil and water in our own backyards as we want to pass on our tradition of land stewardship to the next generation. Livestock has been a key component to the success of these farms and Iowa’s economy as a whole. In a difficult farming economy, livestock has been a way for young farmers to come back to the farm to support their families.

As a sixth-generation Black Hawk County livestock producer, I was disappointed to see our Board of Supervisors sign a moratorium drafted by an activist group on new livestock facilities. They listened to activists from Des Moines instead of reaching out to family farmers in the county to see how this would affect them.

Being called a “factory farm” shows a disconnect between the supervisors and the modern family farm. Animals are raised in modern barns to control temperature for animal comfort. Manure is now stored as a conservation measure so it is applied strategically to protect water quality. I am grateful to live in a state which supports agriculture and I hope that continues.

NextDoor issue


CEDAR FALLS --- On May 12, The Courier printed my Letter to the Editor on the termination of my NextDoor website account. I had thought the responsibility for this was due to the actions of Rob Green. I discovered later this was not correct. The person who reported me to NextDoor revealed himself in a number of  -- after the fact -- postings. The postings contained personal attacks ("troublemaker" "repugnant"), others that were fabrications about my debate and dishonest since I had no way to defend myself.

Politically correct advocates pursuing a particular narrative sometimes argue from a self-appointed base of moral superiority. That attitude can result in insults and censorship to the person opposing political correctness. Going forward, I'll chose to debate others who I deem are more ethical. In a phone conversation with Rob he was gracious and understanding of my misunderstanding. He offered to help me with reinstatement. After becoming familiar with NextDoor policies and the way the policies are administered, I've decided not to pursue that course. I respect Rob for the way he responded to this incident and send him my apologies.

Trump actions


CEDAR FALLS -- Trump’s latest action in imposing tariffs on Mexico is yet another example of his arrogance and ignorance. Mexico is not the problem but only a reflection of what is happening in Central America. Trump ignores expertise in every area of his administration and has appointed stooges as cabinet officials from whom he demands absolute personal loyalty to him rather than competence and integrity

I hope Senators Grassley and Ernst will finally find enough courage to vote to override his latest reckless actions with tariffs and not just meekly go along with Trump while voicing their displeasure that constituents are getting hurt. What will it take for the GOP to acknowledge publicly that the emperor has no clothes, no competence, and no concern for anyone beyond himself and his family? How many farmers have to go broke? How may businesses go under with workers laid off? As Trump says, “we’ll see.”



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CEDAR FALLS --- Nancy Pelosi on opening impeachment hearings against President Trump: “It’s not worth it,” it will divide the country, Trump is self-impeaching, bipartisanship support is needed, there must be an “ironclad” case and public support is needed.

As of June 5, 53 House representatives favor impeachment, 70% of Democrats, 1,000 former federal prosecutors sighed a letter stating Trump would be indicted if not president, 10 presidential contenders, including Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, endorse the idea and a petition signed by 10 million was presented to Congress.

Pelosi persists, stonewalls, obfuscates, misleads and lies about the impeachment process. On Jimmie Kimmel on May 31 she claimed she knows more about it than anyone. That echoes Trump’s assertion at the 2016 Republican convention that, “I alone can fix it.” And the whopper on that broadcast that Trump wants to be impeached. Trump is terrified of impeachment because then all of America will know the extent of his crimes, which are ongoing, in plain sight.

Pelosi is playing a dangerous game, with what is left of democracy at stake. Pelosi is shirking her constitutional duty. Pelosi is failing us; we have a right to know. Public televised hearings would do that.

Medical marijuana


WATERLOO -- Curious as to how the state is going to enforce the medical marijuana law of 3 percent THC? If I have a medical card and get pulled over, how will the police know if what I have is 3 percent or 80 percent? And yes, 80 percent is available in common sense legalized states.

Congratulations to our governor for making a loophole for illegal activity and support to street dealers easier. With her recent veto she has guaranteed an increase of illegal drug trade that will be harder to enforce and require more man hours from police. Honestly this is protection of drug companies that do not want us to be able to grow our own medicine.

We have known for decades that marijuana stops seizures, yet the government has prevented it from being legally available thus giving business to drug dealers. This is not a right or left opinion; both parties are guilty. I even had a doctor advise me not to get a card because what Iowa has legalized is worthless.

Sex education


WATERLOO -- This is in response to a letter by Kie Maas (May 28) in regards to sex education. This writer is incorrect when she states pregnancy rates do not go down when we educate kids on reproduction. Sources such as the CDC and the National Institute of Health show education decreases pregnancy rates, spread of disease and promotes using effective birth control.

Abortion is a small part of the services at Planned Parenthood. Also, no funding from the government goes toward abortions. However, the money we put toward education and contraception has been proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies and reduce the abortion rate. If we cease funding for places like this, we will effectively cause more abortions and spread of disease.

We all want to reduce the abortion rate, but the way to do it is reduce unwanted pregnancies by teaching our kids about reproduction. Hiding our heads in sand, calling for no funding for education and contraception and calling to lock people up for having an abortion might hide the issue, but it will do nothing to solve the problem.

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