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Bush funeral


CEDAR FALLS — Donald and Melania Trump refused to join all the presidents and their wives as they read the Apostles’ Creed at former president Bush’s funeral Wednesday. Ironically, Trump appearing stone-faced, received support from more than 80 percent of white evangelical voters in 2016. Throughout the funeral it became remarkably obvious the differences between Trump and the other former presidents in the church.

Trump had an angry and vindictive posture. Possibly Trump knew someday at his own funeral he would never receive the praise and eulogizing George H.W. Bush was receiving. Biographer John Meacham spoke of the intense honesty, integrity and selfless humanity that surrounded Bush’s life and presidency. This provided a stark contrast to Trump who has told the American people virtually thousands of lies and has financially profited from his elected office, while purposefully making our country divisive and combative. Even collusion and treason may become an issue.

This is a defining moment in America’s history and destiny. Lawmakers and Trump supporters will need to face the mistake which has occurred in our “democratic state.” I hope they have the intestinal fortitude to correct this grievous error. The American way of life depends upon their actions.

The secret word


WATERLOO — Comedian Groucho Marx hosted a game show years ago called “You Bet Your Life,” which included friendly banter with his contestants. Before each show, producers selected a “secret word.” If during the show a contestant unknowingly uttered that word, he/she received an extra hundred dollars.

One rainy day, while taking a vacation stroll in Rome, someone bumped into him, accidentally jarring one of his cherished cigars from his mouth, causing it to roll across the wet pavement. He bent down to pick it up, and grumbled under his breath and, presumably out of earshot, “Jeezuz Christ!” As he stood up, a finger tapped his shoulder from behind. He looked around. There was the face of a smiling Catholic priest, who had reached into his coat pocket, and who extended to Groucho two brand new cigars, saying: “Congratulations, Groucho! You just said the secret word.” Marx, who was Jewish, enjoyed telling that story.

Well, Christmas, here we are again. I love all the traditional trappings the Christmas season presents. But remember, none of it exists without the redemptive birth of Jesus Christ. So, this season, shop till you drop, if that trips your trigger. Just don’t forget “the secret word.”

Reading buddies


WATERLOO — Are you looking for a rewarding volunteer experience; something to get you out of the house a few hours a week starting in January? The Retired Senior Volunteer Program and the Waterloo Schools has just the position for you.

We are in need of Waterloo Elementary School Reading Buddies. Being a Reading Buddy is easy, fun and rewarding. Some children in our community struggle to develop reading skills, and may not have someone at home who can help them. Reading Buddies help these kids prepare for their future, to be able to communicate and learn through reading and writing.

Our goal is to have students reading at grade level proficiency by the end of the year. Can you help? If you are interested, contact me at 272-2553 or



CEDAR FALLS — Recently while patronizing a business near University Avenue in Waterloo and then traveling to Main Street in Cedar Falls, we got to experience lighted intersections and roundabouts.

It is clear to us that roundabouts win. They are safer, look so much better, have increased capacity for traffic flow, cost less to maintain and greatly improve the driving dynamic. Thank you Cedar Falls City Council.

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