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Construction exam


WATERLOO — Former Councilman Ron Welper stated that, “anybody could go to Menards and buy a hammer and call themselves a contractor.” That would be the benefit of getting rid of the construction exam because it would spur entrepreneurship in the black community.

In 2016, NerdWallet listed Cedar Rapids third in the nation when it comes to businesses owned by minorities, while Waterloo ranks number one in the nation as the worst city for black Americans based upon socio-economic issues. Waterloo being number one isn’t an issue about race, but economics.

The city of Waterloo needs to eliminate the construction exam because it’s a barrier to entering the market. It’s no different than Jim Crow requiring blacks to read before we could vote.

Covenant decision


SUMNER — Regarding Covenant Medical Center’s announcement it would stop performing vasectomies and tubal ligations: When religion gets control of health care, we’ll have a theocracy instead of a constitutional republic.

The radical religious extremists are so far in bondage with their archaic and oppressive standards, and they want everyone else in bondage with them. They’re jealous of anyone else that exercises freedom of choice in private and personal affairs.

Equality act


WATERLOO — Wake up America. You’re about to be taken over by failing recognize the enemies of your country. They are the socialist-communist, the Muslim terrorist and the political homosexual. All of these people have one goal — to destroy America by annihilating the U.S. Constitution.

Starting with the Socialist-Communist. My statements are documented by the “Communist Rules for Revolution”:

  • Get control of all means of publicity.
  • Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.
  • Cause the registration of all firearms.

Second, the Muslim terrorist. Don’t forget the beheading and the burning alive of Christians.

Finally, the political homosexual. Now in Congress they want to pass HR 2282 Equality Act, which will enforce the transgender directive wherein they’ll have access to every schools’ restrooms, etc. Refusal to accommodate will bring the Department of Justice filing a civil action suit. This bill prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 from providing a defense for challenging such protection. Thus, we’ll lose our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion.

Call on your congresspeople to oppose HR 2282.

Stern words


WATERLOO — President Trump and the Republicans are now engaged in threats to the American people, i.e., “We will shut the government down”; “If I’m impeached the people will revolt.”

In truth, the only revolting things are the current crop of immoral inhabitants of the White House. People in this country have heard this before from the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, Putin, and so it goes. Who do you think you are threatening, a nation of cowards?

Get to work for the people or be gone.

D.C. corruption


CEDAR FALLS — The level of dishonesty and corruption in the current administration is horrendous. In just two years, eight of President Trump’s advisers and campaign aides have pleaded or been found guilty of lying to investigators, tax fraud, campaign finance violations, conspiracy against the United States and other crimes.

The president himself has told so many lies (more than eight lies per day, according to the Washington Post’s fact-checkers) nothing he says can be believed until it has been corroborated by an outside source.

Yet the GOP — and our Republican senators — bend over backwards to support the president and his administration.

This cannot be dismissed by claiming the Democrats are “just as bad.” Not a single member of the Obama administration was indicted, let alone convicted, in eight years.

Nor can the Mueller investigation be dismissed as a “witch hunt.”

The eight guilty pleas and verdicts did not come from “witches” — they came from Trump administration and campaign 0fficals. Dozens of Russians have also been indicted, and not a one of them is a “witch.”

Has the GOP sold its soul to gain political power? Are we going to stand for it?

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